The festive season is certainly in full swing, with the occasion of Navratri encompassing nine nights of absolute bliss. Yes indeed, as it involves singing hymns, bhajans to seek the blessings of Hindu Goddesses Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswathi, besides visiting relatives, friends to exchange sweets and admire the beautiful Golu doll setups. In addition, the grand holy event entails offering ardent prayers in temples, Durga puja pandals, Garba and Dandiya dancing, enacting the Ram Leela and relishing myriad sweets, savouries and traditional meals.

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Happy Navratri

And as Indian women of all ages, from cute little girls and trendy teenagers to chic youngsters and elegant ladies get decked up in the most gorgeous traditional attire of silk sarees, pattu pavadais, ghagra cholis, lehengas and salwars, it is time for the female folk to indulge in skincare rituals for flawless, radiant skin and to look totally stunning. Wondering how to attain a glowing complexion ahead of festival day? Look no further, as we bring you some basic beauty tips so all you ladies out there can flaunt bright, crystal clear skin this Navratri.

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Splendid Skin Care Tips For A Vibrant Complexion During Navratri Festivities:

Ample Hydration

Water is truly the elixir of life and a magical tonic for glowing skin as well. It helps flush out toxins from the body, improving skin tone, aside from maintaining dermal tissue elasticity for supple skin and minimising the appearance of wrinkles, sagging areas, fine lines. Ensure to drink at least 6 – 8 full glasses of water daily, with a cup of warm lemon and honey water on an empty stomach every morning, for blemish-free, moisturised skin throughout the hectic festival season schedule.

Beauty Sleep

Getting 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night is known to confer outstanding incentives for health such as boosting immunity, elevating brain function and even repairing skin cells – thereby justifying the term “beauty sleep”. Yes, the layers of dermal tissues undergo renewal processes during the night and hence deep sleep is crucial for enriched skin texture. Moreover, it makes the eyes look lively and energized, sans any dark circles, puffy eyes due to under-eye bags, for an attractive, refreshed look.

Post-Waxing Care

After undergoing waxing and other hair removal sessions for smooth skin on the arms, legs, underarms and back, a few rashes, breakouts and spots of redness tend to arise on bodily skin. Apply aloe vera gel infused with some tea tree oil to soothe the itching, dryness and pacify bacne i.e. back acne and shower using gently soaps/body washes in lukewarm water with some rock salt and oatmeal to lessen inflammation and obtain soft skin.

Use Exfoliating Scrubs

At the end of each day during the busy Navarathri revelries, the skin invariably encounters dry patches, excess oiliness, apart from considerable dust, dirt, grime that make the face look dull. Hence, every night, after a relaxing shower in warm/cold water, use an exfoliating face scrub imbued with natural ingredients like papaya, honey, apricot, coffee grounds, almond, that effectively removes dead skin cells, balances oil/sebum levels in the skin and guarantees a lustrous complexion the next morning.

Spray On Some Facial Mist

A facial mist is a blessing for the skin and instantly brightens the overall look of the face after applying makeup, for a revitalized appearance before heading out for the Navarathri celebrations. Moreover, the skin begins to look jaded after a while amidst the excitement and revelries and hence, spritzing on some facial mist infused with cooling components like rose water, cucumber tones and moisturises the skin to bestow a dewy glow. Wishes All Its Customers A Very Happy Navratri/Dasara!