Do your eyes feel dry, irritated and burning after a tiring day at work, often a result of staring at a computer screen or other electronic gadgets for many hours? With working from home being the new normal, many of us have set up modern workstations at home and the desks are occupied with various digital gadgets. In today’s hectic lifestyle, all of us both at professional and personal levels have become exceptionally reliant on gadgets and devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. Most of our lives would come to standstill without the use of these devices, but the real fact is that they take a toll on your health and lead to a lot of stress as well.
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Computer Vision Syndrome

If you observe that your eyes have become strained and irritated during the day, it can be a temporary vision condition caused by staring at a computer screen for longer duration without the use of proper glasses for computers. 

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a condition that develops from concentrating on a computer screen or any other display gadgets for an extended duration where the eye muscles get strained. 

Recent statistics reveal that almost 50 -90% of people who work at the computer may experience some of the symptoms. CVS not only affects the working adults but also kids who play extensively with tablets or use computer play stations. Some of the common symptoms associated with CVS include blurred vision, red or dry eyes, double vision, dizziness and headaches. It is mainly caused by staring at the glow that originates from a screen called blue light. 

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What Is Blue Light?

The visible spectrum of light rays consists of a range of colours from blue-violet on the lower end to red on the higher end. Light on the lowest end of the visible spectrum has the shortest wavelengths, whereas on the highest end has the longest wavelengths. As shorter wavelengths emit more energy, blue is also called as High Energy Visible (HEV) light.

Most of us are exposed to unnatural blue light emitted from computer screens, smartphones, tablets, TVs and other artificial lighting. Even though the gadgets emit only a fraction of HEV light, the long duration we spend using these devices can have a fast and a collective impact on the eyes. Today’s modern digital world had increased our screen time and we are overexposed, leading to eye strains, vision problems, besides insomnia and sleep disturbance. 

In general, the mean work time of a person is around 8 hours a day in front of the digital screens. This, in fact, can lead to eye-related problems, if we do not take any preventive measures. Most of us feel that eyes are irritated and tired at the end of the day, but only a few attend to it and visit an optometrist.

What Are Computer Glasses?

Generally, we wear glasses to correct vision issues, however, regular power glasses are not similar to computer glare glasses. Computer reading glasses are specially designed that suffice to lessen eye strain linked with screen time. It is made of an anti-reflective coating that helps to minimise the glare and a tint thereby increasing contrast for comfortable viewing.

The anti-reflective and anti-glare coat on the computer glasses facilitates to lessen the glare that rebounds off the screen and block the UV radiations released by the digital devices. Even the use of tinted lenses aids you in increasing the screen’s brightness when required, without making it too tough for the eyes. Also Read: 10 Tips For Computer Eye Strain Relief

Incredible Wellness Merits Of Computer Glasses:

Reduces Glare Time

The light released off from the digital screen results in producing a glaring barrier to normal vision. Continuous use of a computer, screen glare increases the difference between the dark and lighter areas displayed, which results in the pupils to find it hard to maintain the light by constantly dilating, until the eyes gripe. With the use of computer glasses with an anti-glare coating that is expressly designed to keep the fatiguing screen glare at a lower rate.

Helps Maintain Posture

Most of the time, we lean closer to the computer screen to get a better view, but this might not help you in the long run. Computer glasses abet you get an improved and clearer vision from a normal distance which eventually lessens the strain on your back and neck. While it also lessens the headaches due to straining eyes way too much and also corrects the bad posture. Also Read: Is Your Child Attending Online Classes? Here’s How You Can Reduce Digital Strain On Their Eyes

Specially Designed Filter

Prolonged exposure to harmful blue-violet radiations discharged by the gadgets may cause issues like eye strain, disturbed sleep and age-related macular degeneration in some cases. Computer protection glasses with yellow-tinted lenses increase the contrast and assist in shielding the eyes from glaring lights of the digital screen.

Promotes Better Vision

Computer glasses are well-known to correct astigmatism- a refractive error that results in blurry vision. These glasses also have the power to relax the amount of area needed to keep the objects in focus and confers the largest field of view.

Lowers Risk Of CVS

Computer glasses reduces the impact of CVS and render comfort as well as guarantee improved eye health. Apart from this it also eases the symptoms associated with CVS like red eyes, dry eyes and burning.


Computer protection glasses are beneficial for people facing issues related to CVS. These glasses would help them work comfortably, improve their productivity and performance without any unwanted strain and discomfort. Even people who use prescription glasses can also go for reading glasses. However, people who do not face any issues related to CVS, do not need these glasses.