Makeup can give you more confidence. Using eyeshadow can be one of the best ways to make your eyes pop! If you want to create some magic, add dimension to your face and express your mood with your eyes then look no further than a colourful eyeshadow palette.

Transform your makeup look by choosing the right kind of eyeshadow palette that can add depth, bring out the natural tones of the iris and make them look more expressive. Whether you want to spruce up for a night out with your friends or for a romantic date with your loved one, there is an eyeshadow palette out there for all your moods and you’re definitely going to love it.
Woman getting eye shadow look

Here is a quick guide to a stunning eyeshadow look.

Remember to always prime your eyes before you start creating any look. After that step, use a concealer to create an even base to fade away any redness or darkness on your eyelids.

Essential Tools

Here are some of the tools you will need to get the perfect look:

A medium eyeshadow brush

A pencil brush

A primer

An eyeshadow palette

An eyeliner

A mascara

And now you are ready to go!!!

How To Apply Eyeshadow

To get the perfect, long-lasting look you need to know which brush strokes to use. To begin with, pat the eyeshadow onto the lid rather than brushing it across. This will ensure that you do not get a patchy application.

To blend the eyeshadow, do not brush back and forth across the eye in a quick motion, instead use short, slow brush strokes in the same direction to bring the shades together.

Neutral Colour For Your Lids

Choose a neutral shade to conceal your eyelids. However, don’t go for the lightest or the darkest colour. Use a brush to spread the colour to cover the entire lid up to the crease. A neutral colour serves as the main shadow base that supports creating the best look.

The Trick Sheet

The lightest colour works well as a brow bone highlighter.

The second-lightest colour looks great on your lids.

The darker colour is for your crease.

The darkest colour is for the outer corner.

How To Work The Crease

The eyeshadow palette usually has a transition colour and the main colour. You can use more than two shades, there are no set rules. Use a warmer hue on the eye crease followed by a brighter or a vibrant colour on the lids. Blend the two shadows well together and you will achieve the perfect look.

Add More Colours

Now apply the darkest tint on the outer corners, making a defined V shape as you gradually blend it out. If you wish to have a smokey effect, lightly extend the colour past your crease. Use a similar colour on your lower lash line as well.

If you find the look to be too bold then use a nude eyeshadow to blend out the edges of the darkest colour for a subtle look.

Make It Pop

Applying a dab of liquid highlighter on top of your eyeshadow can give it a dual-toned effect. Likewise, dabbing some highlighter in the centre of the lids, over the eyeshadow can make the eyeshade pop and stand out.

Use your pinky finger to smear a little of the lightest colour on the inside corner of your eye. This makes your eyes look wider and brighter.

Outline Your Eyes And Work Up The Lashes

Use a kohl pencil to define your lower lash line and blend it to get a subtle look. Using mascara can also help you get some thick long lashes.

Expert Tips

  • Go for a gel or waterproof eyeliner to stop the product from smudging
  • Complete your eye makeup and then move on to your face, so that you do not mess up your makeup due to any eyeshadow fallout
  • Use a mascara shield to cover the under-eye to prevent any fallout on your face
  • Always use a pencil brush to outline the crease and blend it out with a fluffy one
  • Creamy eyeshadows are more likely to crease, whereas loose powdered ones are hard to apply. Go for pressed powder eyeshadows for best results
  • For hooded eyes, practice applying makeup with eyes open instead of closed, so your crease shades are perfectly visible and bright