Our kitchen is the storehouse of natural remedies when it comes to treating health or beauty woes. The plethora of nutrients present in natural food products helps to rapidly revamp health. One such wonder food is an egg. Yes, eggs can do more wonders to your skin and they are an all-natural cure for all your beauty regimen.

Eggs are one of the most valued superfood owing to its impressive nutrient profile which confers umpteen health benefits. They are bestowed with vast reserves of nutrients which sustenance the skin and hair and make them healthier. Particularly egg whites have powerful properties to enhance your skin health, treat skin issues and revamp skin texture and look. Also Read: Eggs: Types, Nutrition, Health Benefits, Uses For Skin And Side Effects

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Being a good source of lutein, eggs can provide hydration and elasticity to the skin, while high protein content supports in repairing skin cells and tissues. Aside these, egg whites firm, tighten and tone skin texture naturally. The goodness of protein in eggs helps in strengthening hair follicles and also makes it lustrous and smooth. Eggs abundant in potassium hydrates and moisturizes face and locks the moisture in the skin cells. Riboflavin in eggs helps to get rid of free radicals which cause wrinkles and collagen supports in lessening inflammation and fades away fine lines. While magnesium promotes skin youthfulness. Here are 5 ways to use egg white masks for glowing skin.

Check out this infographic for more details.

egg infographic