The electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are associated with increased risks of cardiovascular disorders and may increase the risk of complications of cardiovascular health over a period of time.


A recent study conducted by researchers in the University of California, Los Angeles showed that over a period of time e-cigarettes are becoming popular among teens and young individuals, replacing the regular cigarette.  But the e-cigarette is known to contain certain chemicals and nicotine present in the normal cigarette.

smokers.  Apart from these criteria, patients who were healthy with no health complications were eligible to participate in the study.

The habitual e-cigarette use was associated with increased risk of cardiac markers.  There was a shift in the cardiac autonomic balance of sympathetic dominance, thus, increasing the oxidative stress and the cardiovascular risks.

Thus, the use of e-cigarettes have increased the risk of oxidative stress on the heart and increased the imbalance in the cardiac tone.  These both are considered as a risk of cardiovascular health.