Coronavirus pandemic changed us in many unprecedented ways. It brought normal life to standstill, got us used to work and learn from home, in a way taught us on how to move forward with uncertainties. It has been more than a year-and-half, the pandemic came knocking at our doors – making health a major priority. While we are now used to wearing masks, frequent hand sanitization and maintaining social distancing, many of us are yet to restart an active lifestyle.

You may ask why should one get back to working out immediately and not wait till the pandemic fades away completely. With doctors and scientists strongly believing that Coronavirus could be an endemic, meaning that it will stay and we should get used to the new normal, it’s time to get into action. One of the major concerns that is being expressed by the medical fraternity is obesity. Lack of active lifestyle, consumption of junk foods, sitting for longer hours due to work is taking a toll on overall wellbeing, both mental and physical.
Woman exercising in beach

If you are healthy and permitted to take up even small workouts, including brisk walk, running, cycling, jogging, do it right away. And here’s what happens if you don’t!

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Unhealthy Weight Gain:

One of the positive results of exercising regularly is maintaining healthy weight. Let us agree that no one likes to look out of shape and mind you, it is not easy to lose all those extra kilos, in one go! Lack of exercise means you are piling up those chunks of fat, everywhere in the body ultimately compromising on the health. Start slowly, like taking stairs, 10 minutes brisk walk or a small jog. Shedding excess weight makes you feel lighter, active, fit, boosts immunity and there is a lot of feel good factor, associated with it.

Chronic Diseases:

Chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid gland dysfunction can happen at any age, even for those in their 20s. Lazy lifestyle opens door to many of these conditions and you certainly don’t want that. Regular exercise aids in preventing a plethora of health conditions including high BP, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, cancer besides strengthening bones and muscles that keep you agile.

Mood Swings:

The importance of mental health has gained momentum like never before in these pandemic days. It is true that many of us battled and are still undergoing sudden bouts of anxiety attacks, depression owing to get cooped up at home for more than a year. Step out to stimulate better functioning of the brain and those chemicals that improve mood, making you feel relaxed.


Is sleep eluding you? That’s because your body is lacking that intense activity which can trigger those sleep hormones. Being physical active aids in getting better and sound sleep, making you feel energized, rearing to go the next morning. A good night’s sleep is precursor on how you spend the day, give your best both personally and professionally.

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Aging Faster:

Oh no! This is not what we want. Do you know that lethargic lifestyle can leave a lot of negative impact on your overall appearance, get those wrinkles, fine lines even in 20s? Physical activity stimulates good amount of blood flow to the skin, ensure more oxygen supply, nutrients. Breaking sweat while working out flushes out toxins, produces natural antioxidants that in turn keep skin younger and beautiful.