People come in different shape and sizes, some are tall or short, while others are lean, fat and a few others are moderately neither lean nor fat. Each individual is different from others and there are three different body types namely ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

The classification of different body types or somatotype was first introduced in the 1940s by American scientist and psychologist William Sheldon. His research determined body type based on skeletal frame and body composition. We all have inherited body types which describe whether we are leaner, heavier or moderate. Any weight loss or fitness program should be tailor-made and planned in such a way that it suits an individual program.

Different Types Of Body:
Endomorph Body Type


An ectomorph is a lean person with long limbs and has a high metabolism. They can happily eat more calories without fear of gaining weight. They are smaller in size with a thin shoulder and smaller joints.


Mesomorphs are muscular, well-built, with an hour-glass shaped body and have a larger physique. Generally, they have a high metabolism with a low body fat percentage. In fact, they can gain and lose weight effortlessly. Also Read: Do You Have A Mesomorphic Body? Dietary Tips And Fitness Mantras For A Mesomorph


Endomorphs are classified as big persons with a high body fat percentage and pear-shaped. They drive to reserve more fat in the lower body and gain weight rapidly.

However, in a few cases people have a combination of body types based on the muscle mass and fat distribution in various parts of the body such as




Characteristics Of Endomorphs:

An endomorph being a large person with high body fat also have a larger bone structure, curvier body frame with very less muscle mass. They look heavier and rounder, but not really obese. Endo’s physical build-up make them refined to consume a high calories diet naturally than other somatotypes.

Endomorphs are advised to be conscious and monitor their food intake to make sure that they don’t overeat more calories than they burn out.

If you have an endomorphic body and find it very hard to lose weight or gain the perfect muscle mass, then consider a diet and fitness plan that best suits your body type. Also Read: 5 Superb Ways To Build Lean Muscle Mass

Dietary Recommendation For Endomorphs:

As per the food and nutrition theory endomorphs have a slower metabolism and don’t burn calories as rapidly as ectomorphs or mesomorphs and extra calories are stored as fat. It is also stated by studies that endomorphs are less tolerant to carbohydrates, thus the ideal diet which suits them are high fat, protein and low carb diet. The benefits of following this diet regimen are that it allows them to shed excess fat and trigger the metabolism.

Endomorph diet

Some of the good sources of protein and healthy fat includes:

Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, Walnuts

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil And Sesame Oil

Lean Meat

Egg Yolk And Whites

Fatty Fish

Low Fat Milk


As per the American Council on Exercise, endomorph body tends to be more sensitive to insulin and carbohydrate. Endomorphic would ideally limit or restrict carbohydrate-dense foods.

However, it is not required to completely avoid carbohydrates, as carbs are an instant source of energy and depriving carbs in the diet may trigger fatigue and weakness. The best way is to add the right kind of carbs and focus on complex carbs like whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes. Cut down on the intake of refined carbs high in sugar and calories which can up the fat storage.

Foods to be avoided include:

White Bread, Pasta,

Candies, Chocolates, And Other Sweets

Baked Goods And Cakes

Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks, And Sports Drinks

Refined Cereals, Instant Oatmeal, And Puffed Rice

Fried Foods

Rich Dairy Products

Red Meats

Foods Rich In Sodium


Cooking Oils With A Lot Of Saturated Fat

Moderation is the keyword, always watch on your portion size if you really want to shun those extra body fats. The target is to eat 200-500 calories lesser per day than what you generally take which can eventually help you to lose weight fruitfully.

Exercise Regimen Recommended For Endomorphs:

Exercise is a vital part of any fitness regimen, specifically important for endomorphic body type people. The benefits of regular workouts are boosts metabolism and burns fat. Cardio workouts like running can help to burn excess calories and create a calorie deficit phase. The exercise regimen recommended for endomorphic body type is cardiovascular and strength training activities.

Some of the best cardio workouts include high-intensity interval training (HIIT) 30 minutes sessions 2-3 times per week. Steady-state training (SST) such as walking, jogging and swimming 30 minutes per session ideally thrice per week.

Muscle building and strength training exercises are also a vital part of workouts for endomorphic body type individual which assists them in building muscle mass, triggering metabolism, burns fat and calories and also stimulate the body to use fat as fuel. Some of the strength training regimen includes deadlifts, squats, push up etc.,


Endomorphic body type individual has a high tendency to gain weight easier, however, take a longer time to lose it as they have a slow metabolism, low muscle mass and huge amount of body fat. The ideal diet plan for this type of body frame should be a blend of nutritious foods high on healthy fats and proteins. Besides that, being physically active and being regular with workouts facilitates endos to burn calories, boost metabolism, and build lean muscle.