“Winter Is Here!” And so is the time to finally bathe under the warm sun with a cup of hot cocoa. Well, truly winter has a charm of its own and can be considered one of the best seasons, but does our skin agree with the same?

With the end of the fall, the incoming chilling, dry winds although soothing, does come with a baggage of its own and literally wreaks havoc on the skin by sucking out moisture and leaving it pale, dry and flaky. Moreover, people who already have a dry or sensitive skin, even face the risk of getting eczema, peeling skin or desquamation, and psoriasis. If you think you can just put on some gel-based cleanser or toner or a lotion and be done with it, think again!

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Woman applying cream in winter

Well, yes, a lotion or a mild moisturizer might be suitable during the spring, summer or monsoons, but with the change of seasons, just like you need to upgrade your sartorial choices by incorporating woollen clothing, your skin too needs extra care and protection and hence revamp your usual skin care routine by including creamy exfoliators, nourishing toners and hydrating facial serums to get that ultra-glam look naturally.

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Without further ado, we bring you a simple winter care beauty regime which when followed sequentially with proper given techniques is sure to bring out a stellar glow for every winter outing!

beauty products and woolly hatBeauty Ritual For The Wintertide

Step 1: Exfoliation

Almond-Milk Cream Scrub


1-2 tbsp grounded almonds

1 tbsp sugar granules

1 tbsp milk cream

2-3 drops of mint essential oil


Beat all the ingredients in a small bowl.

Apply it all over the face.

How To Use?

Take a small amount of scrub and gently exfoliate the skin in circular upward strokes for 10 minutes. Keep in mind not to exfoliate too harshly since the cold weather already makes the skin dry and flaky and over-exfoliation may remove the natural oils making the skin ultra-dry.

How It Works:

Deemed as a natural exfoliating agent, both almond grounds and sugar granules effectively clear the skin pores and clear out the dirt and grime particles, milk cream, on the other hand, nourishes the skin and prevents it from drying out whereas mint essential oil impedes the growth of bacterial infections.

Step 2: Toning

Papaya-Cucumber Toner


1 cup diced papaya

½ cup cucumber zest

3 tbsp honey

½ cup rose water


Put all the ingredients in a blender and make a smooth mixture of it.

Pour it in a spray container.

Spritz it on washed face thrice a day and refrigerate the remaining for future use.

How To Apply?

Use your fingertips to gradually tap the facial muscles and neck muscles and rub the toner into the skin.

How It Works?

This toner is extremely beneficial for the extra nourishment required during the winter months. While the enzyme papain in papaya prevents sun damage and photoaging, honey nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Additionally, cucumber soothes inflamed and irritated skin, whereas rose water lightens the skin and reduces blemishes.

Step 3: Application Of Facial Oil/Serum

Jasmine-Almond Oil Facial Serum


2 tbsp sweet almond oil

2 tbsp rosehip seed oil

5 drops of geranium essential Oil

5 drops of jasmine essential Oil

5 drops of patchouli essential oil

1 pump-fitted glass container


Pour all the oils in the measured quantity directly into the glass bottle.

Close the bottle and shake everything properly to get an equivalent mixture.

Use 3-4 drops and stack away the remaining in an amber-coloured glass bottle.

How To Use?

Take the serum on your fingertips or the heel of your palm. Start massaging your face from the bottom of the jaw line upwards towards the cheek bone. Then massage the serum in slow anti-clockwise direction. Next, put a drop of the serum onto the centre of your forehead and massage it by pulling the skin on either side. Then, take 2 drops of serum on your finger tips and start applying it from the back of your chin downwards in gentle up and down stroke.

How It Works:

This facial serum works wonders for dry, mature and combination skin. The fabrication of this concoction using a skin-specific base oil and essential oil holds high significance in getting rid of the various signs of aging like wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation, and fine lines. Not only does the essential oils help soothe dry, itchy and red patchy skin but also treats winter acne and other skin infections. Using it twice a day not only restores the skin’s natural suppleness but also confers a rejuvenated skin with a youthful radiance.

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