Are you bored of using the same old liquid body wash or the store-bought soap bar every time? Do you want to indulge in a refreshing, and invigorating bath time experience? Well, to give your bath a unique twist, why not add the latest whipped soap to your list of toiletries.

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Whipped Soaps

What Is A Whipped Soap, You Ask?

Unlike the age-old soap bar, the whipped soap is more like a moisturizing and foaming body butter. Not only is it soft and fluffy but also multi-faceted and are perfect to use as hand soaps, shaving creams, face washes, and even deep conditioners for hair. Well, with the internet overflowing with homemade skin care products and natural DIYs, soap making can be a fun way to show your creativity, especially, if you want to use it for multiple purposes like exfoliation, moisturization or cleansing, by adding your desired ingredients.

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To help you create your very own creamy whipped soap based on the melt and pour process, we bring you 3 unique soap recipes with easily available ingredients to bestow you with that refreshing bathing experience!
Homemade Whipped Soap

Homemade Whipped Soap Recipe

Aromatic Minty-Lavender Soap


½ bar castile soap

½ cup purified water

3 tbsp coconut oil

2 tsp lavender essential oil

5 drops of mint essential oil


In a double boiler, grate the soap and pour the distilled water.

Keep stirring and bring the mixture to boil so that the soap melts.

Add the glycerin and coconut oil to it.

Switch off the flame and allow it to cool.

Pour it in a small bowl and add the essential oils.

Whisk using a wooden spatula till it becomes frothy.

Your whipped soap is ready for use.

How It Works:

The coconut oil-based soap induces collagen production, forms a protective sheath around the skin, and prevents irritation and inflammation. It also prevents bacterial infection and imparts an invigorating aroma to your body.

Refreshing Aloe Vera-Orange Soap


½ cup liquid castile soap

½ cup purified water

4 tbsp orange peel powder

6 drops of orange essential oil

2 tbsp aloe vera gel

3 tbsp sweet almond oil


In a large, bottomed vessel, take the liquid soap and water and bring it to boil.

Add the almond oil and aloe vera gel while continuous stirring.

Switch off the flame and cool it down slightly.

Now add the remaining components to it.

Pour it in a small glass jar and beat it till it becomes fluffy.

How It Works:

This organic soap not only softens and firms the skin but also unclogs blocked pores and helps in the production of elastin that tightens skin and makes it look younger. It also soothes dry and chapped skin, while locking in the moisture. Use it every day while taking a bath to indulge in a refreshing citrusy experience that lingers long.

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Earthy Charcoal-Kokum Soap


½ cup liquid castile soap

2 tbsp kokum butter

2 tbsp cinnamon powder

½ tbsp activated charcoal powder

5 drops of cedarwood essential oil


Melt and mix the kokum butter, sesame oil and liquid soap in a double boiler.

Switch off the flame, cool it for some time.

Add the rest of the ingredients to it.

Pour it in a small bowl and whisk it vigorously to make it frothy.

How It Works:

A natural remedy for body acne, this charcoal imbued soap removes impurities and bacteria from the skin pores. It controls excessive oiliness, while keeping the skin bright and healthy. This soap exudes a scintillating earthy fragrance that deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin while promoting elasticity, blood circulation, and getting rid of marks and blemishes from the skin.