Gone are the days when you have to depend solely on a salon or beauty parlour to get your hair dyed. This social lockdown has made us self-dependent in several ways. Not only have most people learnt to cook various dishes but also the lack of parlour facilities has made us use the age-old tips and tricks using easily available herbal ingredients to get gorgeous hair and radiant skin. Also Read: Missing Beauty Parlour? The 3-Step DIY Facial Ritual To Try Right At Home

With offices slowly re-opening, most people who have grey hair are conscious and worried getting back to work without getting their hair dyed post the lockdown. Grey hair is quite common even in the early thirties and hence people try covering it up with colours to avoid embarrassment.

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Dyeing the hair can be fun and quite an important part of the overall beauty evolution. Many times, people just want to break the monotony of black hair and use some hair colours to brighten up the face and mood. What if we tell you that you can even colour your hair right at the comfort of your home using chemical-free herbal components. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? And here comes to your rescue, in the form of Vegetable Hair Dye, ammonia and paraben-free substitute.
diy vegetable hair dyes

What is Vegetable Hair Dye?

Vegetable hair dyes are herbal ingredients that are used for colouring the hair. Although these dyes are usually temporary and won’t change the colour of your hair as dramatically as synthetic permanent hair colours, yet they are much milder and harsh and are basically chemical-free. These vegetable hair dyes include ingredients ranging from beetroot, carrot, sage, chamomile tea, calendula flower, hibiscus flower, henna leaves, lemon, coffee etc.

If you’re looking for an alternative to commercial hair colours, worry not, as these vegetable hair dyes are one cost-effective, hair-friendly way to achieve a new look.

DIY Hair Dye Recipe:

Carrot And Beetroot Juice For Reddish Tinge


½ cup carrot juice

½ cup beetroot juice

2-3 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

Apply it all over your hair.

Wrap the hair in plastic and let it sit for an hour.

Remove the plastic and wash your hair with apple cider vinegar.

Do this process twice a month to retain the colour in your hair.

How It Works:

This hair dye not only improves blood circulation in the scalp thus promoting hair growth and thickness but also prevents premature grey hair. The presence of the bioactive compound beta-carotene naturally gives a deep reddish-orange tint to your hair. The addition of olive oil nourishes the hair follicles and keeps the hair soft and moisturised. Also Read: 5 Reasons Why Beetroot Is A Blessing To Your Skin, Hair

Coffee For Browner Tinge


½ cup coffee granules

1 cup leave-in hair conditioner

Water as required


Brew 1 cup of strong coffee using the granules.

Let it cool for sometimes.

Mix the conditioner in it to get a semi-liquid consistency.

Apply it all over the hair.

Cover it with plastic and let it one for 1 hour.

Wash off with cool water.

Repeat it twice to get a darker brown colour.

How It Works:

The strong coffee brew not only imparts a nice brown colour to the hair but also detangles frizzy hair and promotes hair growth. It stimulates the hair roots by improving its structure and growth and thus restores hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Chamomile Tea For Lighter Blonde Hues


20-30 chamomile flowers

½ cup honey

Water as required


Steep the chamomile flowers in boiling water.

Allow it to cool for half an hour.

Strain the liquid and mix the conditioner.

Apply it on washed hair and allow it to stay for 1 hour.

Wash off with cool water.

Repeat the process 2 consecutive days to get a lighter blonde shade.

How It Works:

Perfect for getting a naturally blond look, this chamomile flower dye not only prevents dandruff and soothes the scalp but also strengthen the hair follicles. The antibacterial nature of honey prevents scalp infections and moisturises the hair follicles to give a satin, soft feel.