Eyes are the windows to our soul as it does help in conveying a wealth of information about oneself. And that’s why women are always on the lookout to create a style statement with new and unique eye make-up. As much as women love numerous products to create dramatic eye looks, it is the simple kajal that will be a clear winner and fan favourite makeup essential in the beauty kit among the others.

Kajal, also known as Kohl is the most used eye essential to get more defined and mesmerizing eyes by women. With the era of DIY makeups doing rounds on the internet, people are more dependent on a natural homemade variety free of chemicals and preservatives. And in that context, homemade kajals have been whipped up for ages by our grandmothers and mothers and even applied to us as babies. So, creating a natural one at home shouldn’t be that difficult when you have the required equipment!

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What Is Homemade Kajal?

Homemade kajal also referred to as organic or ayurvedic kajal makes use of naturally occurring ingredients like ghee, castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil, sandalwood powder or paste, almonds, camphor and copper vessels that are therapeutically beneficial for the eyes. It is a black, sooty mixture with a creamy and smooth consistency.

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What Are The Benefits Of Homemade Kajal?

Homemade kajal or kohl dates back to 5000 years when it was used for beautification purposes as well as for its medicinal benefits. When made using natural ingredients, the kajal obtained is 100% pure and free of chemicals. The organic homemade variety moisturizes the eyes and keeps them hydrated. It also prevents impurities from getting into the eyes and clarifies them, while enhancing their shine and fortifying the eye muscles and nerves.

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So, now when you know about the stellar benefits of homemade kajal, why not prepare your very own variety with these easy-to-do recipes to get a more dramatic eye look in a jiffy.
Homemade Kohl

Homemade Kohl Recipe

Aloe Vera – Castor Oil Kajal


5 tbsp sandalwood paste

4-5 ajwain seeds

2 tbsp aloe vera gel

3 tbsp castor oil

1 Muslin cloth

1 copper oil lamp or diya

2 steel glasses

1 copper plate


Smear the muslin cloth in the sandalwood paste.

Dry it completely under direct sunlight.

Put the ajwain seeds inside the dried muslin cloth.

Fold the cloth into a wick and tie the ends.

Put the wick in the lamp and fill it with castor oil.

Now place two glasses on either side of the lamp.

Smear the bottom side of the copper plate with aloe vera gel.

Place the copper plate on the glass in such a way that the plate is just on top of the lamp.

Light the wick and allow the entire oil in the lamp to burn out.

On burning, the soot gets collected at the underside of the plate.

Scrape it out and collect it in a small box.

Add castor oil drop by drop to get the desired consistency.

How It Works:

Enriched with vitamin E, castor oil is extremely beneficial for the eyes as it prevents the eyes from invasion of any bacterial infections. The addition of sandalwood paste along with aloe vera gel has a soothing effect on the eyes and prevents it from drying. Using this ayurvedic kajal helps one improve eyesight and prevent cataracts in the earlier stages.

Ghee – Almond Kajal


½ cup purified ghee

4-5 almonds

2 tbsp almond oil

1 fork

1 cotton wick

1 copper oil lamp or diya

2 steel glasses

1 copper plate


Pour ghee in the lamp and put the cotton wick in it.

Now place two glasses on either side of the lamp. 

Place the copper plate on the glass in such a way that the plate is just on top of the lamp.

Use the fork to hold the almonds and burn them above the flame.

The more almonds you burn, the more soot gets collected at the bottom of the plate.

When the almonds and the ghee in the lamp is over, allow the plate to cool.

Scrape out the powdered kajal and put it in a sterilized container.

Add drops of almond oil to get a smooth consistency for future use.

How It Works:

The presence of natural oils in almonds offers a smooth base for the kajal. The ghee used for making the kajal not only helps in cooling the eyes but also keeps dark circles at bay. Using it every day cleanses and clarifies the eyes and also helps the eyelashes grow faster for a fuller look.

Camphor - Coconut Oil Kajal


4-5 camphor pellets

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 bowl

2 steel glasses

1 copper plate


Place the camphor pellets in the bowl.

Put the two glasses on either side of the bowl.  

Place the copper plate on the glass in such a way that the plate is just on top of the bowl.

Lit the camphor and allow it to burn completely.

Let the soot get collected under the plate.

Cool it down and scrape the powder in a vessel.

Add drops of coconut oil to get a creamy consistency.

How It Works:

It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get kajal. The intense cooling properties of kajal make for a great eye serum and inhibit the growth of any kind of eye infection. It not only nourishes the eyes but also relieves them from strain and stress. It also protects the lenses from sun glare.

Note: Though DIY Kajals are safe, there is a possibility of some allergic reactions. In case, you notice sudden redness in the eyes, irritation wash immediately. If the symptoms persist, see a doctor.