Do you envision yourself flaunting a plush bouncy mane? Well, who doesn’t? But for the most of us, a healthy gorgeous hair is just a myth! Additionally, owing to environmental factors like pollution, heat, dust, dirt, and chemical treatments, damage and hair fall becomes inevitable. Just like a complete skin care routine, our hair as well needs a full-proof hair care regimen to rejuvenate the hair follicles and reverse the damage.

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Even though a shampoo cleanses the scalp, sometimes due to the presence of chemicals, it also strips away the natural oils of the scalp making it too dry and flaky. Seemed worried? Don't be! Here comes your knight in shining armour, in the form of Hair Rinse.

Hair Rinse ingredients

What Is A Hair Rinse?

A Hair Rinse is nothing extraordinary but a simple blend of water along with some natural ingredients and essential oils or herbs that bestows your hair with a boost of ultimate nourishment.

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How Does It Benefit?

  • Adds moisture to the hair shaft
  • Detangles frizzy hair and manages fly-aways
  • Regulates the pH balance of the scalp
  • Combats hair issues like dandruff, scalp infections, hair fall and breakage
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Controls sebum production
  • Gets rid of grime and dirt particles
  • Bestows a shiny, gorgeous mane

How To Use Hair Rinse?

Well, it isn’t rocket science. Using a hair rinse is extremely easy. Just detangle your hair before going for shower. Wash the hair with a mild shampoo. Add conditioner and wash away after 5 minutes. Now towel dry the hair slightly and pour or spray the hair rinse onto damp hair. Do not wash off your hair anymore. Allow the rinse to seep in and dry your hair naturally.

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So, without further ado, we bring you 3 easy peasy hair concoctions with easily available ingredients to embark on the journey of achieving ravishing hair right away!

Natural Hair Rinses For Beautiful Hair

Natural Hair Rinses

Green Tea- Lavender For Oily Scalp


3-4 tbsp green tea

3 drops of lavender essential oil



Boil the green tea in half a liter of water and reduce the volume to half.

Add the essential oil to it.

Pour this solution in washed hair.

Wrap your hair with a towel and dry it out later.

How It Works:

Enriched with antioxidants and caffeine, green tea works wonders for attenuating hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth. Not only does this hair rinse naturally stain the hair black but also curbs hair fall. The addition of lavender essential oil regulates sebum production in the scalp all the while bestowing a natural shine and bounce to your mane.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Chamomile For Dry Scalp


2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

5-6 chamomile flower petals



Steep the chamomile petals in 2 cups of hot water.

Strain the solution and add ACV to it.

Rinse your shampooed and conditioned hair with this concoction.

How It Works:

This hair rinse is extremely beneficial for dry and dandruff-ridden scalp. ACV actively facilitates removal of excess oil, grease and dandruff from the scalp while making it shiny. Chamomile flowers not only gives the hair a nice blonde highlight but also stimulates hair growth and prevents sudden breakage.

Coconut Water-Aloe Vera For Combination Scalp


5 tbsp coconut water

2 tsp aloe vera juice

2 tsp rose oil



Blend all the components in a spray bottle.

Shake it to mix everything.

Spray the solution onto towel-dry damp hair.

Brush to smoothen out the hair.

How It Works:

Thanks to the goodness of essential nutrients and amino acids in coconut water, this hair solution works magically for people blessed with a combination scalp. While coconut water nourishes the hair follicles, and boosts blood circulation in the scalp, aloe vera juice prevents scalp infections and moisturises and nourishes the hair. The addition of rose oil protects the hair from sun damage while bestowing you with a plush and bouncy hair along with an invigorating aroma.