Be it a guy or a gal, no one can so ‘No’ to an invigorating aroma. Right from earthy, spicy, warm, woody, oriental and fresh effusions, if you are the one that always likes to hold a presence in the room, then you definitely need a signature cologne to create a style statement that truly defines your charisma. And what better way to define your sensory imprint than with a DIY cologne formula you concocted yourself!

Cologne is not just for smelling good and attracting a populace of the opposite gender, but much more than that. The perfect notes in cologne can not only boost your confidence just before the big meeting or a date and keep foul body odor at bay but also benefit your mind and body in so many ways.

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Benefits Of Wearing A Cologne

  • Enhances Mood
  • Fosters Confidence
  • Remedies Insomnia
  • Cures A Headache
  • Makes You Attractive
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Triggers Memories
  • Aromatherapy
  • Promotes Health

Well, before formulating a cologne, know what makes them different from a perfume. There’s a common notion that colognes are for men and perfume is for women, but the difference is actually in the concentration of oils. While perfume is usually 15-30% scent, cologne is only about 2-4% and universal in nature.

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Just like the notes of a perfume, even colognes have particular notes that help define the fragrance. Before getting started, let’s take a look at the notes that make up a cologne.

Top Notes: Denoted as head notes, they usually represent the first impression of your fragrance. These include the lightest of fragrances that fade away quickly. Examples include Lime oil, Bergamot oil, Juniper oil, Basil oil, Lemon oil, Lemongrass oil, Wild orange oil, etc.

Middle Notes: Deemed as the ‘heart of the cologne’, they are perceived once the top notes evaporate and usually last much longer and have a firm influence on the base notes that follows in its wake. Examples include Valor essential oil blend, Pine oil, Cypress oil, Cardamon oil, Cinnamon oil, Ylang yang oil, Clove oil, Peppermint oil, Copaiba oil etc.

Base Notes: These notes are quite rich and usually complement with the heart and top notes to create the actual fragrance that linger for hours. Examples include Cedarwood oil, Sacred Sandalwood oil, Patchouli oil, Vetiver oil, Frankincense oil, Siberian fir oil, White fir oil, Douglas fir oil etc.

So, now when you are acknowledged about the notes in formulating a cologne, if you are a DIY kind of person who likes to experiment with beauty ingredients or want to gift your bae, why not concoct your very own signature cologne right at home.

We bring you three unique aromas using the perfect blends and concentration levels of essential oils for a long-lasting, ultimate, sensorial experience that defines your personality.
Man using cologne

Homemade Perfumes

Captivating Musk


5 drops fir needle essential oil

3 drops pine essential oil

10 drops cedarwood essential oil

5 drops of lemongrass essential oil

8 drops of cypress essential oil

50 ml 100 proof vodka


Mix the essential oils and vodka in a sprayer bottle.

Put on the cap and shake for a few minutes.

Allow it to settle for at least a week to combine the aromas together.

How It Works:

This is the go-to blend is absolutely perfect for the outdoorsy guy. The presence of cedarwood literally exudes the smell of the woods and mixed with lemongrass, this aroma gives off the most refreshing manly scent. The benefit of these essential oils includes calming and relaxing effect, which in turn helps in naturally boosting the immune system.

Caribbean Spicy Effusion


10 drops bay west indies essential oil

5 drops sweet orange essential oil

5 drops bergamot essential oil

5 drops lime essential oil

3 drops clove bud essential oil

½ tsp vegetable glycerin

10 ml distilled water

50 ml witch hazel extract


Use a funnel to pour all the oils in a spray bottle.

Add the witch hazel extract and water to it.

Attach the spray nozzle and shake to mix everything.

Spray over your wrist, behind ears, or into the hair.

How It Works:

This citrus spicy tincture is the perfect combo for any man and can be worn any time of the day. Perfect for providing an alluring work day experience, this concoction bestows the body with grounding emotions, promotes focus, and stimulates the brain to function effectively. 

Nocturnal Potion


10 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops Virginia cedarwood essential oil

5 drops marjoram essential oil

5 drops ylang-ylang essential oil

1 drop neroli essential oil

50 ml 100 proof alcohol


Blend the oils together in a glass spray bottle.

Add the alcohol using a funnel.

Shut the lid and gently shake.

Use it before heading out.

How It Works:

This essence is the perfect to douse yourself into before heading out for a date night or a night out with the guys. The neroli adds the perfect twist to the earthy smell of ylang-ylang. The benefits of these essential oils include immune support, positive feelings, and effectively reduces stress and anxiety.