How many times have you simply paused while checking out the latest bridal images of Alia Bhatt? We too are literally in awe of her simple no–make look. But the first thing that garners our attention is her flushed cheeks that perks up her entire look. Obviously, you may say that it might be due to her natural blushing, over her bae on her D-day, but the truth is, it’s the magic of a Blusher that has all of us (men and women) drooling over her entire bridal ensemble.

What Is A Blusher?

Blusher, also known as Blush or Rouge, is an easy, go-to cosmetic product usually applied across the cheek bones. It chiefly adds a splash of color to brighten your face, enhance your overall appearance making the wearer look naturally glowing and healthy. Although typically blusher originated in shades of pink and red, but nowadays other hues in oranges, browns, and non-traditional colors such as purples and blues can also be found.

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Of all the products in the beauty bandwagon, blushers are usually not given much attention. But it actually does all the work in holding the entire look together. Without blush, one could easily come across as sallow-looking or pale because there is no natural flush of colour on the cheeks to give a healthy appearance. On days when you have no time for a proper makeup routine, just pat some rouge across your cheek bones to instantaneously revamp your look.
Woman applying blusher

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Not all people have equal skin texture and quality. If the unwanted additives in store-bought ones affect your skin by clogging pores, causing irritations, or breakouts, why not try your hands at some homemade recipes.

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But, before getting started, lets jot down the ABC’s of formulating a Blusher.

Blusher Basics

A homemade powder blush consists of two main ingredients: a natural clay and a natural pigment. A clay like kaolin helps the ingredients stay together. Sometimes, arrowroot powder is used to lighten up any shade. For the unprocessed pigment, nature brings forth a plethora of natural ingredients to add color to your blush. For e.g.,

For a dark pink shade: Go for beetroot powder

For red and pink tones: Use powdered rose petals

For a deep orange hue: Add turmeric powder

For a earthy golden-brown tinge: Opt. for dried ginger root or coffee powder

For a purple tone: Choose madder root or hibiscus flower powder

Whether you are looking for a soft peachy hue or bright rosy cheeks, to bestow yourself with a natural dewy glow, it’s time to get creative and learn how to make blush at home from all-natural ingredients.

We bring you 3 different blush recipes to add to your makeup box.

Homemade Blusher Recipes

Bright Pink Beetroot Gel Blush


¼ cup of arrowroot powder

¼ tsp of beet root powder

2 tbsp aloe vera gel

2 drops of rose essential oil


Add the arrowroot powder and a small amount of beetroot powder in a small bowl

Next add aloe vera gel and the essential oil while mixing continuously to ensure the powders blend evenly without any clumps

Keep adding small amounts of the colored powder until you reach your desired pigment

Store the blush powder in a small sealed jar

Use a blush brush to apply the powder to the hollows of your cheeks before stepping out

How It Works:

This gel blush works brilliantly for people with combination type of skin which requires different needs. Not only does beetroot powder bequeath you with a beautiful shade of fuchsia, but also it enriches   the skin with antioxidants and properties that helps brighten complexion. While aloe vera gel fights acne and arrests signs of ageing, rose oil nourishes the skin and prevents bacterial infection.

Peachy Sweet Potato Cream Blush


1 tsp of shea butter

½ tsp beeswax pellets

½ tsp of cinnamon powder

1 tsp of pink sweet potato powder

2 drops of rosemary oil


Put the shea butter and beeswax pellets in the top pot of a double boiler

Slowly heat the ingredients, stirring frequently until everything melts completely

Remove the pot from heat

Now slowly start adding the cinnamon powder and sweet potato powder until you get the desired hue

Let the mixture cool and then use a Q-tip to do a swatch test on your wrist

Once you have the perfect hue, pour the cream blush in a glass container and refrigerate it for future use

How It Works:

Unlike gel blush, the cream blush does wonders for people blessed with dry skin as it adds an extra shimmer to their skin and lasts longer than loose powder blushes. While shea butter moisturizes and soothes dry skin, enriched with antioxidants, sweet potato powder keeps the skin healthy, glowing and supple. The addition of rosemary oil tightens skin tone, vanishes fine lines and removes under eye bags.

Gorgeous Purple Rose Powder Blush


1 tsp kaolin clay

3 tsp rose petal powder

1 tbsp hibiscus powder

Pinch of ground cinnamon powder

2 drops of lavender essential oil


Add all of the dry ingredients to a small bowl

Mix everything well to get a homogeneous mixture

For a darker blush, add more cocoa powder to it

Next, add the essential oil to the bowl and blend

Store the blush in an air-tight container for later use

Apply with a blush brush to give a deep pinkish hue to your cheeks

How It Works:

Rose petal powder has a beautiful rose hue that not only helps balance the skin tone but also provides a heavenly floral fragrance to the rouge. While kaolin powder cleanses the skin and soothes skin irritations, cocoa powder increases the elasticity of the skin, diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, and reduces the appearance of scars. The addition of lavender essential oil lessens acne, helps even skin tone to give way to gorgeous looking skin.