The gorgeous rose flowers that blossom in orchards and gardens around the world have been synonymous with expressing love since time immemorial. Well, these beautiful fragrant blossoms are quite versatile, for apart from serving ornamental decorative purposes, ideal for gifting near and dear ones on special occasions, roses provide a rather valuable tincture – rose essential oil, that delivers marvellous incentives for soft skin, lustrous hair and overall wellbeing.

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Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil is prepared from two different species of the flower – Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia, however the former is preferred as it emanates a stronger refreshing aroma. These flowers come in a wide variety of hues – from red, orange to pale pink and even white and the essential oil that is light yellow in colour with a greenish tinge is isolated by means of steam distillation and solvent extraction processes incorporating fresh rose petals. Apart from being available as the concentrated essential oil, rose tinctures are also used widely in beauty and cosmetic products, as well as in perfumes for their uplifting fragrance.

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Bestowed with plant-based bioactive compounds, rose essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and pain-relieving properties that aid in healing acne scars, improving mental wellness and even soothing insect bites. The potent components present in rose essential oil comprise citronellol, carvone, nerol, phenyl geraniol, eugenol, nonanol and citronellyl acetate that work wonders in repairing damaged skin tissues, promoting the growth of thick hair and pacifying pain, swelling and tension in the body and mind.

Excellent Uses Of Rose Essential Oil:

Lowers Mental Stress

The invigorating odour of rose essential oil works wonders in pacifying the mind and reducing stress after a long, hectic day, easing all signs of tension, worry and nervousness. When inhaled as such or used in potpourri to create a pleasing environment at home, it significantly lowers blood pressure and balances the emotions, fostering good moods and improved brain functions.

Anti-Ageing Solution

Rose essential oil offers superb merits for reversing the age clock, to reveal a youthful, glowing appearance. Packed with astringent properties, as well as ample antioxidant, hydrating and cooling effects, it visibly fades wrinkles, fine lines, sagging in the face, cleanses, tightens the pores and imparts plentiful moisturisation to revive dull, dry skin.

Natural Insect Repellent

The citronellol complexes in rose essential oil are powerful in preventing pests like mosquitoes, wasps, flies from stinging the body. Moreover, the perfumed flower balm is a natural insect repellant, as it does not trigger any itching when spread over the skin and is also efficient in healing bulging patches due to swollen, reddened bug bites.

Alleviates Depression And Anxiety

Rose essential oil is blessed with a rejuvenating smell, in addition to numerous therapeutic constituents, for enhancing mental wellbeing. It is an excellent restorative blend for resolving low moods, uplifting brain functions, memory, concentration. Moreover, it remarkably alleviates angry temperaments, anxious feelings and depressive thoughts, to effectively relax the mind.

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Adds Volume To Hair

The host of nurturing antioxidants found in rose essential oil confer tremendous merits for imparting a vibrant shine and silky-smooth texture to the mane, besides strengthening strands, increasing thickness and leaving hair smelling fresh and pleasant. Moreover, common complaints of persistent hair fall, bald patches can be easily resolved, by regularly applying some rose essential oil onto scalp, to foster the growth of long, dense and robust tresses.

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Cures Skin Infections

Rose essential oil is laden with valuable anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as inherent antibacterial and antifungal characteristics. Dabbing on a thin layer of this rectifying essence on to peeling, aggravated tissues instantly assuages inflammatory conditions of acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and yeast infections, to mend wounds and soothe damaged skin.