On World Oral Health Day, let us agree that our dental health plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Deal Dental Anxiety In Kids

Many of us tend to visit a dentist only after reaching a certain age, but doctors suggest regular dental check-ups from the age of 1 to avoid cavities, non-alignment of teeth and other infections.

However, for many of us dentists are the most dreaded specialists in the field of medicine and we all fear lying down on a dentist’s chair. And when it comes to a child, the fear can be far worse.

If you are a parent, trying to cajole your child to see a dentist – we understand how challenging it is. Children fear dentists a lot more than the grown-ups and it is perfectly normal. Termed as ‘dental anxiety’ this kind of phobia can prevent children from receiving proper dental care.

In this article, we will tell how few tips you can try with your child that would help them go past this anxiety.

Prepare Your Child:

Tell your child about the plan to visit a dentist in advance and prepare them to see the doctor. Educate the little one about the importance of having cleaner, healthier teeth and role of oral hygiene. Be gentle, use kind words while convincing the kid to visit the doctor.

Talk To The Dentist:

Inform your dentist about your child’s concerns, fear and anxiety beforehand. Request your doctor to keep your child at ease and happy during the visit and most dentists are trained to understand a child’s behavior during dental treatment. Ask your doctor for tips on how to deal with dental phobia.

Engage The Child:

Try and engage the child as much as you can during the examination. Keep your child’s favourite toy handy or play their favourite video on phone. Distract their worries with some stories and help them feel comfortable in the presence of their doctor.

Be Positive:

Share your compliments generously and praise the kid for being brave and courageous. Instilling positive attitude makes a lot of difference and will drive away their fears. There is nothing wrong in promising their favorite ice-cream or toy, if they successfully complete the visit.

Be Patient:

It may be very frustrating to convince your child even for a regular dental checkup. Keep calm, find a child friendly dental hospital and avoid using words like pain, hurt, that may leave a negative impact on your little one.

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