Dark circles under the lower eyelids are quite common both in men and women, which may appear purple to dark brown or black depending on skin shade. It is categorised by bags, dark circles can make you look older than what you actually are, but can also make you look ill or unhealthy. Also Read: Easy Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

The skin under-eye is one of the thinnest and delicate regions in the body, the finely textured epidermis has no oil glands and it is prone to develop dark circles, rings or shadows. Dark circles under eyes become very prominent because there is no subcutaneous tissue and the skin is not properly supported as the rest of the facial skin. Ageing and environmental-related changes makes the facial skin loses its elasticity and tone due to lack of collagen.

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Causes For Dark Circles?

There are several causative factors for dark circles, sometimes it also serves as an indicator of a looming health problem. It may be due to improper kidney functions to high blood sugar levels. Some of the root causes for dark circles include:

Iron Deficiency

Deficiency of iron is one of the causative factors for dark circles. The veins located around the eye region become more visible if you lack iron in the body. It was revealed by a study that anaemia is one of the underlying health condition which is the reason behind 50% of the dark shadows.

Improper Sleep 

Poor sleep routine is one of the main causes of dark under-eye circles. The body is able to repair the skin and other tissues only when you are in a state of sound sleep. During the sleep phase blood flow to the tissues and cells in the skin making the face glow and nurtured. Sleep deprivation makes the skin dull and pale, which may eventually allow dark tissues and blood vessels under the skin to show. Poor sleep pattern may also lead to fluid build-up beneath the eyes, making them look puffy. Poor blood circulation and build-up of deoxygenated blood can make dark circles under the eyes more visible.


Family history plays a part in the development of dark circles under the eyes. It can be an inherited seen since early childhood and may aggravate as you age or slowly disappear. Predispositions to medical conditions such as thyroid disease can also result in dark circles under the eyes.


Ageing is the natural factor behind dark circles because as you age the skin becomes thinner, loses fat and collagen needed to maintain skin’s elasticity. This may result in dark blood vessels beneath the skin becoming more visible making the areas below the eyes to darken.


Working at the computer screen or watching television for long periods can result in significant strain on the eyes. This intense strain makes the blood vessels around the eyes to enlarge and the skin surrounding the eyes darkens. Also Read: 10 Tips For Computer Eye Strain Relief


Allergies and dryness of the eye can trigger dark circles. When experiencing an allergic condition, the body releases histamines as a stimulus to harmful pathogens. This may result in itchiness, redness and puffy eyes, excess histamines may also cause the blood vessels to dilate and become more visible beneath the skin. In most cases, allergies can increase your urge to scratch the itchy skin surrounding the eyes, which may cause inflammation, swelling and broken blood vessels. Thereby resulting in dark shadows beneath the eyes.

Sun Exposure

Excess exposure to the sun can cause the body to make more melanin, the pigment which renders the skin with natural colour. Sunburned eyes may result in pigmentation in the surrounding region to darken.

Home Remedies

Some of these home remedies can effectively help you to manage this condition which includes:

Cold Compress

Applying a cold compress can remarkably reduce swelling and shrinking of the dilated blood vessels. It also eases away puffiness and helps to fade away dark circles. Take a few ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply to the skin under the eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Get Adequate Sleep

Getting adequate sleep can greatly help to lessen the appearance of dark circles. Ensure that you get good quality sleep for seven to eight hours to avert the appearance of dark circles.

Sleep With Head Elevated

Elevating the head with a few pillows while sleeping can prevent fluid from merging under the eyelids which can make them look puffy and swollen.


Tea imbued with antioxidants, bioactive compounds and caffeine help to enhance the blood flow, shrink blood vessels and lower fluid retention beneath the eyes. Soak two black or green tea bags in hot water for five minutes, allow them to cool in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. Place the chilled tea bags on to closed eyes for 15 minutes, after removing rinse well with cold water to get rid of dark circles.


Applying over-the-counter moisturizers may largely help in reducing dark circles under the eyes. These moisturizers are packed with caffeine, vitamin E, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and retinol which have the power to naturally fade away dark circles.


Dark circles are temporary issues for most people caused due to lack of sleep or ageing. Try some of these home remedies to reduce dark circles and enhance the appearance of the eyes. Maintaining a disciplined lifestyle, getting quality sleep, eating a wholesome diet and staying well hydrated may help prevent dark circles. However, if the discolouration or swelling worsens over time seek the help of a dermatologist for further treatment options and to check for any other underlying health conditions.