Sipping on a cup of warm chai or guzzling down some iced tea, instantly energizes the body and awakens the senses.

Moreover, this universally beloved beverage not only confers amazing benefits for overall health when consumed but is also a beneficial skincare ingredient to get rid of those unsightly dark circles.

Wondering how? Simply infuse some organic ingredients with the tiny, handy tea bags and use them as comfy “eye pillows”, to bid adieu to puffy, sagging skin beneath the eyes.

We bring you 3 super-easy beauty hacks using tea bags for that instant brightness around the eyes.
Tea Bags For Dark Circles

DIY Recipes Using Tea Bags To Vanquish Dark Circles:

Green Tea And Rose Toner


2 green tea bags

A fistful of rose petals


Steep the green tea bags in lukewarm water, along with the fresh rose petals.

Place the tea bags on the eyes for 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

Why It Works:

The catechin antioxidants in green tea diminish wrinkles, and signs of ageing and help to cleanse, detox and remove excess oil from the skin under the eyes. The fragrant rose petal extracts are a natural toning essence, for tightening pores, besides brightening the skin to reduce dark circles.

Black Tea And Lemon Mask


2 black tea bags

3 thin lemon slices


Immerse the black tea bags in chilled water and squeeze the juice from the lemon slices.

After washing the face, gently massage the tea bags on the eyes for 10 minutes, then wipe off using a tissue.

Why It Works:

Black tea is packed with polyphenol and tannin antioxidants, in addition to caffeine, which works wonders in rejuvenating the under-eye region and instilling a glowing look to dull skin. Possessing ample amounts of vitamin C, which is known to take care of many skin-related issues, lemon juice remarkably minimizes the appearance of dark circles.

Earl Grey And Mint Pack


2 Earl Grey tea bags

A bunch of mint leaves


Dip the Earl Grey tea bags thoroughly in ice-cold water and transfer fresh mint leaves to this blend.

Rub the tea bags in circular motions on and around the eyes for 5 – 7 minutes, then splash some water on the area.

Why It Works:

Blessed with flavonoid antioxidants, Earl Grey tea significantly fades creases, fine lines, and swelling in the sensitive portion of skin under the eyes, to reveal a refreshed, vibrant and youthful look. Mint leaves are renowned for their cooling, antimicrobial properties which banish acne, scars, and uneven skin tone and impart a flawless, radiant complexion.