Imagine you are all decked up in that beautiful outfit, have your make-up all fixed and you are ready to turn heads around for the evening, but just before strutting out, you remember you need to put on your regular prescription glasses. And just like that, in a wink of an eye, the 3 hours of getting ready fall flat as you simply look geeky with your glasses on. Well, in times like this, Lenses are a happy backup which has unravelled the lives of many with their easygoing nature. Not only do they add confidence to your look but also highlight your eye makeup which otherwise would have remained hidden behind your glasses. But did you know, that the solution that comes along with the lens does far more than just prevent the lenses from drying up? Yes, this regular saline solution can be a part and parcel of your beauty bandwagon.

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Beauty tips and tricks have always garnered immense attention from people all over the world. Say what you may, but most women are thrifty at heart. They are more than happy to get a good deal while buying things or finding an alternate usage of everyday essentials. Imagine the joy, when you find that the bottle of solution that came with your lens, which you never gave a second thought to, gives the benefit of a make-up fixer, without having to pay any extra for it!

So, What Is A Contact Lens Solution?

Contact lens solution is formulated to be removed for rinsing, storing and disinfecting the lenses. It primarily comprises wetting solution, disinfectant, surfactant, and preservative.

Why Employ Contact Lens Solution For Make-Up?

Well, we acknowledge the fact that contact lens solution is virtually used to just cleanse and hydrate the contact lenses. But, when you need to make slight amendments to your everyday make-up essentials, the slightly forgotten bottle of lens solution does come in handy for that too. For instance, it can easily hydrate a dried-up brow product, give you an instant liquid eyeliner, and provide you with the effect of a make-up remover in case you want to do away with the extra bit of eyeshadow and whatnot!

It's true gals, you finally have an amazing make-up fixer in your hands! We share some interesting beauty hacks on using contact lens solution for makeup. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and explore some truly versatile make-up tricks with contact lens solution!

5 beauty hacks of contact lens solution