Contact lens are a major blessing for those suffering from myopia (the nearsightedness) and an easy way to get rid of those thick, ugly glasses.

woman using contact lens

Over the years, contact lens have become a quintessential part of not just those suffering from eye sight issues but also for those eager to make a fashion statement as they come in various colours.

According to several studies 90 per cent of those wearing contact lens don’t handle it properly and that leads to a range of eye infections, irritation and sometimes serious vision problems.

Poor hygiene habits while handling contact lens not only cause irritation but may also lead to permanent loss of vision in few cases.

If you are using contact lens on a regular basis, follow these steps to ensure clean handling of these most thin, ultra soft lens that sit on your cornea.

Clean Hands: Clean, germ-free palms is the first step while handling contact lens. Wash your hands thoroughly with clear, lotion-free soaps and dry your hands  before wearing the lens.

Keep The Case Clean: Ensure a very clean contact lens case all the time. According to a study published by the Optometry and Vision Science in 2015, people who didn’t clean and dry contact lens cases had a higher count of microorganisms in the case and often suffered from several eye infections.

The best way to clean your case is with contact lens solution. Pour contact lens solution in the case, clean it and rub dry with a tissue. Replace with a fresh case for every 3 months.

Fresh Solution: Always use fresh solution while placing contact lens in the case. Adding new solution to old solution in the case or cleansing lenses with the water may cause Acanthamobea Keratitis, a painful condition difficult to treat.

Don’t sleep in Contact Lens: Sleeping in contact lens increases the risk of eye infection and is strongly discouraged by the ophthalmologists. While few contact lens can be used at night, talk to your doctor if it is permitted to sleep wearing contact lens.

No Shower or Swimming: Do not ever take a shower while contact lens. Remove them before shower or swimming as tiny organisms present in water can lead to an eye infection. Once on contact lens these organisms tend to grow in number and strength ultimately leading to an eye infection.

Replace Regularly: Learn about your contact lens and talk to doctor about the right time to discard them. Few lenses need to be thrown away every day, every week or every month. Only gas permeable lenses can be worn for a year. Read the detailed description about the lens before you start using it.

Consult Your Doctor: Make it a point to see your ophthalmologist for every six months. Issues related to contact lens are occasionally detected during regular exams and a preventive care can stop several issues. Stop using contact lens if you eyes are itchy, turn red and watery.