When it comes to dieting, the first thought that approaches our mind is to find time to prepare, pack and cook healthy meals. We’ve all been there—running behind schedule with no time to eat breakfast or prepare a healthy lunch to bring to work or getting home late and having no energy to cook dinner.

Women drinking meal replacer

To relieve us from “how to prepare a healthy meal” stress, meal replacer is an ideal alternative which are commercially available products that provide fixed amounts of macronutrients and micronutrients that may be used as a substitution of one or two main meals per day.

As per FSSAI, a meal replacer should not contain less than 200kcal and more than 400kcal per meal, minimum 25% of energy available from food should be met by protein.

Much emphasis is given on protein by FSSAI as protein is considered to be the most satiating nutrient and whey protein is considered to be the most readily available form of protein. One of the research on protein shows that high protein results in almost double amount of fat loss as compared to moderate protein diet.

Along with protein, a meal replacer should also contain good amount of fibre to support the protein in its satiating effect. 

Soluble Fibre rich diets tend to be more satiating as they slow down gastric emptying by forming viscous gel in the small intestine, which reduces absorption of nutrients, thereby prolonging satiety reduces post prandial glucose and over a long term improves insulin sensitivity.

Check for the soluble fibre in the meal replacer nutrition labels. 

After taking care of the important nutrients, make sure even the micronutrients are taken care of and the meal replacer should focus on meeting your one meals daily requirement.

In the end, check for the variety of flavours, perhaps a chocolate shake will save you when you’re craving dessert for dinner, or maybe a vanilla or cookie & cream milkshake for breakfast will keep you from giving in to that tempting plate of cookies on the reception desk at work.

Go ahead and make you choice of health today!!

Contributed by GNC