Carrier oils also known as base oils are used to supply essential nutrients to your hair and they are obtained from the seeds and nuts of the plants through expression method. These oils are mainly used to dilute essential oils and help them to diffuse into the skin. As essential oils are strong and can cause irritation when applied directly applied to the skin. Typically, carrier oils are unscented or very mildly scented and don’t interact with an essential oil’s therapeutic characteristics. One of the benefits of using a carrier oil is that they meld very well with essential oils, boost its value and helps to nourish and preserve hair health and beauty. The unique nature of these fatty-acid based liquids makes it easier to get absorbed and perfect for creating DIY beauty products and home-made hair treatment essentials.

Remember while choosing the best carrier oils for hair health, always go for 100% pure, cold-pressed and organic oil. This form of processing assure that the liquid stays pure and all the vital nutrients and therapeutic benefits remain intact. It is essential to choose a carrier oil based on your scalp type-if you have an oily scalp choose lightweight carrier oil like grapeseed or almond oil. On the other hand if your scalp is too dry use a heavier carrier oil like coconut oil that helps to moisturize dry and damaged hair and calm irritation. The best carrier oil is one that is easily absorbed into the skin, spread effortlessly and offers nourishing benefits.

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How To Choose Carrier Oil?

There are many types of carrier oils available, most of them are suitable to use with any essential oil. A few things to consider before choosing the right one:

Odour- Some type of carrier oils have a distinct fragrance, which when added to an essential oil may change its aroma.


Your skin may absorb some carrier oils better than others.

Hair Type:

Depending upon the nature of your hair.

Shelf life:

Some carrier oils have a longer shelf-life than others without going rancid.

Carrier oils make it easier to use essential oils safely, supports to nourish and moisturize the hair. Avoid using carrier oils on your lips, eyes or other sensitive regions, after it’s being mixed with essential oil. Store the carrier oils in a glass bottle in a cool, dark place.

Foray this infographic to know about different types of carrier oils for improving hair health and healing all other hair woes.
Carrier oils