If you have noticed some dry rough patches of skin on your hands or feet, with dryness and minor swelling, you probably have what is known as corn, sometimes also referred to as a callus.

These corns or calluses most commonly appear on the feet, but sometimes also occur in the fingers, arms and elbows. Corns are quite common and affect men and women, young and old alike. They are prominent pale yellow portions of skin that have hardened, with a very coarse texture.


Corns are caused primarily due to extreme friction and pressure exerted towards the outer layer of skin cells in the hands and feet. This instance can be due to wearing thick gloves, clothes or shoes that are made of an irritating material or are too tight and do not fit in comfortably. Repeated rubbing motions against the skin by these prickly fabrics ultimately results in the development of corn in the region.

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Corns, like milia, are not a skin disorder and hence do not require very advanced medical treatment. However, they are rather unsightly and can be quite embarrassing. Also Read: Milia: Try These Proven Ways To Get Rid Of These Milk Spots On Skin

The sudden growth of a corn on your hands or feet can certainly hamper your plans of flaunting those lacquered nails or new stilettos at your friend’s party. Not to worry, for you can instantly make these corns vanish, by following some basic home remedies, that will guarantee smooth and well-groomed hands and feet.

Simple And Effective Home Remedies To Eliminate Corns:

1. Treat Sores With Warm Water

The heat provided by boiled water helps in softening the rough portions of the skin. Dip your hands or feet completely in a bowl of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, to diminish corns.

2. Use A Pumice Stone

The porous and mildly grating nature of a pumice stone works wonders in reducing the appearance of corns on affected areas of skin. Rub the pumice stone against the corn in gentle, unidirectional motions.

3. Apply A Soothing Lotion

Keratin protein fills up the corns or dead cell outgrowths on skin. A pacifying cream of oatmeal with minor salicylic acid content will efficiently dissolve the calluses on hands and feet, by breaking down the keratin complexes. Also Read: 5 Amazing Ways Oatmeal Based Products Revamp Skin Health

4. Wear Protective Pads

In case the callus happens to be at an uncomfortable area, such as in between fingers, or on the soles of feet, then wearing gloves or shoes can be problematic. Sealing the calluses on these tricky spots with an adhesive pad will prevent further irritation to the affected regions.

5. Avoid Ill-Fitted Hand/Footwear

Do not wear tight or misshaped footwear or hand gloves, as these will further intensify the friction against the corns on the skin and exasperate the rough patches. Measure your hand and foot size accurately and always put on the comfortable gear.