Losing weight and obtaining a strong, slender body is the ultimate fitness goal for people of all ages, but now more than ever it is a rather difficult target to achieve. What with staying home owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, increasingly sedentary lifestyles and not many options to step out for a walk or head out to the gym, due to social distancing rules and fear of contracting coronavirus infection. Well, there exists a very effective exercise regime that can be easily done at home sans any gym equipment, which not only helps shed excess body fat but also promotes stamina, flexibility and overall wellbeing, known as callisthenics.

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What Is Callisthenics?

Callisthenics is a type of strength training that entails many different movements like jumping, pushing, squatting, standing, grasping, which are performed in timed, rhythmic sequences and without any additional fitness equipment. These workouts are based on utilising the individual’s own body weight as resistance, instead of advanced gear and heavy tools like treadmills, weights, bicycles, dumbbells, barbells.

Callisthenics first originated in ancient Greece, being practised mainly by athletes to improve their physical form and stamina. However, since the 1900s, these bodyweight exercises have gained widespread recognition for their superb health benefits. Nowadays, they are performed by not only sportspersons but also defence personnel, police officers, fitness coaches, celebrity trainers and celebrities, as well as workout novices and pros, to attain a slim, toned physique and build strong core muscles.

Callisthenics workouts help in fortifying many aspects of physical fitness such as flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. They enhance heart wellness by reinforcing cardiac muscles, boost lung power and breathing functions, improve productivity, maintain optimal body mass index (BMI), accelerate weight loss and are even beneficial in remedying chronic conditions of obesity, asthma, COPD. So wait no further, embark on your fitness journey with these astounding callisthenics exercises right away, to lose weight and flaunt a fit and fab body.

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5 Fantastic Callisthenics Exercises For Beginners To Get Fit:


Lie down on the floor with the face touching the ground. Place both hands on either side beside the chest, just a little below shoulder level. Now push the body up, extending both arms fully and keeping them firmly on the surface for balance, while maintaining an erect spine, back and not bending the knees. Hold the pose for 5 seconds, then bring the body down. Repeat this 10 times and perform 3 sets of 10 reps, totalling 30 push-ups.

Jump Squats
Jump squats

Stand straight with both feet spread a bit apart. Bend your body into a squatting pose, bringing the hips down to a comfortable level. Maintain a straight posture of the torso, facing forward and with both hands clenched together at chest level. Bend down a bit more to a deep squat, then applying force, jump up to a fair height but not to a very big elevation, extending the body and legs and finally land in a slight squat pose. Do this routine for 15 – 20 iterations.


A basic plank workout involves beginning in the raised push-up position and holding the pose for as long as possible. Ensure that the abdominal core, legs, and back are all straight and remain in the plank position for 15 seconds, then gradually increase the duration of staying in the stance for 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds i.e. 1 minute. Perform this plank routine 10 times, taking a brief break in between reps.

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Stand erect and face forward, placing the feet fairly wide apart. Bend the hips back along with the knees and bring the body to a minor squat pose. Place both palms on the floor in front and applying some force, stretch both legs completely back in a swift motion to come to a plank pose. Bring both legs back to a squat pose with some energy, then jump up, extending the legs and waving the hands backwards to help thrust the body up. Perform burpees for 10 repetitions.

Jump Rope
Jump rope

Hold the skipping rope firmly with both hands and jump at a medium pace, making sure to turn only the wrists while doing the activity and not bend the entire arm. Gradually increase the pace of the jump rope workout and finally do the jumping motion for 30 seconds continuously and at a fast speed, take a break, then repeat again. While doing the jump rope training, ensure that the body, shoulders and head are all in a straight alignment so as to avoid muscle strains, cramps.


To do the chin-up, an elevated fixed bar is required such as at a gym or placed high on a doorway at home. Grab the bar with both hands from the outward direction, with the palms facing towards the body and keeping the body and back straight. Now lift the entire body up above the ground and to a height such that the chin is above the bar. Flex the legs or cross both feet to attain steady balance, then slowly lower the body to the ground. Repeat this iteration slowly for 5 – 10 times.


Stand straight with the back erect and feet placed wide apart by expanding the hips a bit. Life the right leg up and place it in front like when taking a long step forward. Bend the knees to a perpendicular 90 degree angle to the right foot that is placed flat on the ground and lower the body while still keeping the torso and back straight. Hold this pose for 10 – 15 seconds, then apply force and bring the right foot back to the initial position of standing up. Repeat this iteration 10 – 20 times, alternating with the right foot and left foot.