Bhringraj is a medicinal herb hugely recommended by Ayurveda for hair growth. This unique, aromatic oil is made by blending extracts of Bhringraj with coconut or sesame oil.

Bhringraj, commonly known as false daisy is grown widely in India. It is known as karisalankani in Tamil, galagara in Telugu, kesuriya in Bengali, kannunni in Malayalam and bhangaro in Gujarati.

The host of plant compounds in Bhringraj is used in treating various health conditions. The wealth of nutrients in Bhringraj include vitamins D, E, calcium, magnesium, iron and certain chemical compounds like alkaloids, flavonoids, polyacetylenes and coumestans all contributing to its medicinal value.

Bhringraj Oil Ayurvedic Wonder

Healing Benefits Of Bhringraj Oil

Hair Health

Bhringraj oil is used widely in Ayurvedic medicine to treat the imbalances of pitta. As pitta imbalance causes hair issues, Bhringraj oil is hyped to be a natural cure for hair fall problem. The myriad of essential nutrients in Bhringraj oil treats premature greying of the hair, strengthening hair roots, making the mane grow stronger and lustrous. Furthermore, Bhringraj oil works well in stimulating hair growth in people with alopecia areata.

Treats Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the common hair problems encountered by both men and women. Bhringraj oil helps in treating itchy scalp, clears greasy flakes and controls dandruff significantly.

Bhringraj oil For Stronger Hair

Nourishes Hair

Massaging Bhringraj oil on scalp daily helps in improving blood circulation. The hair follicles become unclogged and nourished which facilitates hair growth.


If you are finding it hard to sleep at night, then Bhringraj oil can do wonders. Applying this oil on your scalp can soothe your mind, alleviate stress and relaxing properties in Bhringraj promote sound sleep.

Treats Migraines

Administering 2-3 drops of the Bhringraj oil nasally will give you instant relief from headaches and migraines and help in calming you down.