Bell’s palsy, also known as the facial palsy is a paralytic condition primarily affecting facial muscles. Although, the condition can be a matter of concern, a person with Bell’s palsy can recover completely.Man with Bell's Palsy

Bell’s palsy is a temporary neurological illness primarily characterized with inflammation, swelling as well as compression of the facial muscles, due to disturbed or halted neurological signals. The condition mainly involves excessive drooping or stiffness on one side of the face, due to which a person with Bell’s palsy can have trouble in smiling or closing eyes.

Significant research has concluded that individual may suffer with Bell’s palsy when seventh cranial nerve gets compressed or inflamed. Although, the exact cause behind this inflammation or compression is yet to be known, researchers believe viral infections can be responsible for the same. This disorder may occur at any age and both male and female are equally prone.

Risk Factors



Lung infection

Family history

Signs and Symptoms:


Difficulty in eating or drinking

Inability to make facial expression

Facial muscle weakness, muscle twitches

Dryness in eyes as well as mouth

Unusual sensitivity to sound


Doctors may prescribe steroidal medications such as corticosteroids, anti-viral or anti-bacterial medications, depending upon the type of infection, to reduce inflammation and drooping.