After a long, weary day at work, amidst the cacophony of conference calls and the din during team meetings, the sound of water filling the bathtub is indeed music to the ears. Soaking in a symphony of scents and soapy concoctions, followed by gently massaging soothing fragrant creams into your skin, with the whiff of uplifting notes of floral oily distillates, can truly transport you away from the stress and humdrum of your routine.

A relaxing bath has numerous marvellous benefits for personal hygiene, skin beauty and mental wellness. A thorough bathing regime cleanses the body of all impurities and germs, prevents infections, and heals persistent skin ailments, besides offering an immensely relaxed atmosphere wherein all the tensions and frustration of personal, and professional life can be put to rest.

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Yes, we know that you’re probably thinking that such a luxurious bath experience is the stuff of high-end resorts, exotic spas and something that only celebrities show us in ads. But here’s the good news. Times have changed and a slew of pocket-friendly bath products have flooded the market.

And if you’re flummoxed by the sheer variety of the myriad available bath care merchandise, ranging from body washes, and hydrating lotions, to foot masks and hand salves, fret not!
Woman bathing

A relaxing bath has numerous marvellous benefits for personal hygiene, skin beauty and mental wellness

We bring you a list of must-haves for that cosy, pleasurable bathtime retreat.

Must-Haves For A Decadent Bathing Ritual

Scented Surroundings

Scented sorroundings

Completely clean the tub or shower area to ensure immaculate surroundings. Set the lighting in the bathroom to a dim glow. Light a juicy strawberry or sweet vanilla-scented candle beside the tub 30 minutes before the start of the bath. Pour in about 9 to 11 drops of blooming lavender, geranium or citrusy lemon, and orange essential oils in comforting lukewarm water, for an invigorating redolent bath setting reminiscent of a rejuvenating spa.

Body Care Basics

Body care basics

Use a granular body scrub imbued with organic extracts of walnut, bentonite clay, sea salt, honey, and coffee. These offer noteworthy exfoliation to scrub off dead skin cells, dirt, and grime from the skin’s surface. Pick either a nurturing bathing bar soap with coarse sugar, and creamy milk essences, or a fruity-lathering body wash with refreshing pomegranate, and ripe plum derivatives, to rinse off all residual dust from head to toe. Smear on a nourishing moisturiser or body butter afterwards, with fortifying almond/olive oil, and shea/cocoa infusions, for smooth, supple skin.

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Hand Foot Supplies

Hand foot supplies

Look after one of the most prized possessions – the hands, with sterilizing, disinfecting chemical-free hand washes packed with herbal tulsi, and neem components and then putting on softening gels made with antioxidant-rich aloe vera, and papaya for the palms. Bid adieu to cracked heels, pesky calluses and aching sores, by dabbing on an anti-fungal tea tree oil and peppermint-based foot scrub. Following this, spread an even layer of emollient cream with thick yoghurt elements, to ensure velvety-soft feet all day long.

Intimate Protection

Intimate protection

While pleasant odours from an array of bathing products provide a stimulating ambience in the tub or shower, as well as leave behind an enduring aroma all over the body, the sensitive areas around your private parts need special attention. Requiring to maintain its natural pH, a healthy balance of vaginal microbial flora, steering clear of strong-smelling liquids and opting for a gentle vaginal wash liquid incorporated with antibacterial lactic acid, pacifies the sensitive skin down there, averting itching sensations.

Sublime Effervescing Fundamentals

Sublime effervescing fundamentals

For a replica and serene milieu of a revitalizing aromatherapy spa session, bath salts are the way to go. These vibrant-hued tiny metallic ore-enriched commodities fizzle in water, to efficiently exfoliate the deep cellular layers, replenish valuable minerals on the tissue surface, diminish the strain in muscles, rectify topical skin woes and promote deep sleep. To further enhance the sensorial and visual joys of the home shower procedure, opt for bath bombs, which burst into bubbling fluffs, dazzling colours and tantalizing scents in a tub of water, serving as an energizing bath time backdrop.

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