You want to flaunt that beautiful backless ensemble for that special event, or a deep-cut blouse for a friend's marriage but worried about those stubborn pesky spots stealing attention from your look. We feel you my friend, those ugly spots all over your back are nothing but Back Acne!

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Treating Bacne

What Is Back Acne?

Back Acne, notoriously referred to as Bacne are normal acne that simply occur on the back. It is the primary result of an accumulation of dead skin cells and sebum that gets locked within the pores in the skin. Combined with an overgrowth of a common skin bacteria, Cutibacterium acnes, bacne occurs as an inflammatory response.

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Back acne can occur due to several reasons ranging from hormonal imbalances, accumulation of dirt in the skin pores, sensitivity to even common skincare products, bleaching, hair removal or hair product residue seeping into the skin, or even over sebum production. Whatever be the reason, back acne can get quite uncomfortable for those suffering from it. The friction caused by wearing the clothes can sometimes make you feel even more uneasy, specifically in the summers and more humid climatic conditions.

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Well, why should these itchy-bumpy spots be the reason you give up on wearing sexy backless dresses or other bold outfits? If you feel that going to a parlour every now and then is a bit tardy. Why not go au naturel and eradicate them right at home.

We bring you 3 skin care recipes concocted with a handful of kitchen ingredients to flaunt that flawless back naturally.
DIY skin scare ingredients for bacne

Amazing Skin Care Packs For Bacne

Tomato-Rice Powder Pack


3 tbsp rice powder

1 fresh tomato pulp

½ tbsp lemon juice


Mix the rice powder and tomato pulp to get a thick paste.

Apply the paste all over the affected area and rub gently with tiny circular movements.

Wash off with cold water after 30 minutes.

How It Works:

Enriched in vitamins and antioxidants, tomato pulp vanishes the acne marks and dark spots while rice powder leaves the skin clear of scars and patches. The addition of lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent and reduces sun tanning all the while making the skin bright and blemish-free.

Turmeric-Besan Pack


3 tbsp besan

1 tsp turmeric

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp curd


Mix all the ingredients to get a coarse paste

Smear it all over the back

Scrub the affected areas for 1-2 minutes

Allow it to dry and wash off with lukewarm water

How It Works:

We are not alien to the magical qualities of turmeric for the skin. Paired with another wonder ingredient besan, this skin pack helps keep a wide range of skin woes at bay. Not only does it control sebum production and clears clogged skin pores, but also its healing properties prevent acne and pimples. Curd keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized whilst preventing further bacterial infections.

Multani Mitti-Sandalwood Pack


2 tbsp multani mitti

2 tbsp sandalwood powder

2 tbsp rose water

1 tbsp honey


In a vessel, mix all the ingredients

Apply it on a clean back and allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes

Wash it off later with damp cloth

How It Works:

Thanks to the powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, sandalwood powder exfoliates the skin and combats acne-causing bacteria. While rose water reduces skin redness and spots, honey soften the skin and dispels impurities from pores including dirt that causes back acne. The healing qualities of multani mitti diminishes hyperpigmentation and reverses sun damage to leave smooth, glowing spotless back in its wake.