Sandalwood or chandan is greatly valued in Ayurveda for its incredible health and beauty benefits. It is used since times immemorial all over the world for its umpteen medicinal properties and also used widely in religious rituals. It has a distinct, gentle, warm, velvety and woody scent which offers an everlasting base to perfumes. This aromatic wood is ground into a powder and steam distilled into oil for making soaps, cosmetics, incense, candles and creams. Sandalwood is highly valued for its pure, natural and potent properties.

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Skin issues like acne, dark circles, dark spots and suntan are common these days due to hectic lifestyles and exposure to environmental pollutants. The best solution to keep the skin issues at bay includes –eating a healthy diet, staying well hydrated and getting adequate sleep. According to beauty experts’ sandalwood is a powerful natural ingredient that works amazingly well to thwart off all beauty woes. A brown beige looking sandalwood powder is obtained from the aromatic wood of the Genus Santalum tree and the sandalwood essential oil is used for healing various skin issues.

This nature’s bounty possesses soothing and cooling properties making it an ideal element in cosmetics products. Right from maintaining skincare to combatting skin blemishes, rashes, acne, fading wrinkles and healing summer skin woes, the perks of sandalwood for skin are remarkable. Apart from these it also facilitates in attaining a radiant, glowing and toned skin.

Skin Benefitting Properties of Sandalwood Powder/Oil

Sandalwood oil and extract work as a magic elixir for the skin, as they can cure almost any skin woes. This fragrant powder is bestowed with numerous valuable qualities for uplifting skin health and beauty. It is attributed to possess potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and wound healing properties.

The active compound alpha -santalol is beneficial for inhibiting bacterial and yeast growth. Sandalwood extract treats several skin ailments such as scarring, wrinkles, inflammation, eczema, acne and even skin tone and complexion.

Sandalwood oil supports to nourish the skin, enhance skin elasticity, even out skin texture and reduces scars and pigmentation.

A storehouse of antioxidants help to maintain the resilience and structure of the skin cells. While it also lessens dryness, irritation and restores the moisture in the skin.

Potent anti-inflammatory effects of sandalwood oil work incredibly well to heal acne, psoriasis, eczema, common warts, and other skin infections.

The soothing and calming activities of sandalwood oil act as a natural cure for prickly heat.

Foray through this infographic to know about the wellness incentive of sandalwood powder for your skin.