The experience of having an aquarium at home and watching it is one of the best stressbusters for most people and helps you discover the natural wonder of marine life, right in your living room.

Well, fish keeping offers you a unique opportunity to watch another world and create it as well. And there is nothing like an aquarium to confer gratitude and respect for our environment. An aquarium is a beautiful, consistently enthralling addition to any home or office and a pleasant source of entertainment and respite for the entire family.

New aquarium owners often have a terrible experience with their aquarium and give up almost before starting. Yes, certain fundamental factors must be considered, and good planning is needed to start up an aquarium.

Read through this article to know the basic requirements and practical tips before setting up a new aquarium, at home.

Things Required To Get Started:

  • Gravel: Coated or pre-washed ones
  • Decorations: Those specified for aquariums (e.g., live or artificial plants and ornaments).
  • Water Conditioner: De chlorinates tap water to ensure it is fish safe.
  • Net: For transferring fish
  • Gravel Washer: For water changes and cleaning.
  • Fish Food: Consult your dealer for a recommendation

Guidelines For Setting A New Aquarium

Keep Balance Before Adding Fish 

Once you set up a new tank, you would be more eager to fill it with fish, which is quite natural. However, it's vital to be patient and start gradually. Remember, an aquarium is a living system, and it takes time to create the balance that will keep its inhabitants thriving. Start by introducing a few fish first and wait for a week or two before adding more to offer the necessary bacteria that filter the water and time to grow. Ensure aquarium water is free of ammonia and nitrite before adding more fish.

Decorate Your Aquarium

This is an essential step, as decorating the aquarium helps fish feel at home, and it's fun too! Read to find out what type of habitat your fish like and decorate accordingly. The first fish to inhabit the tank will claim the best spots, so add decorations slowly with each new fish purchase to let the newcomers have their own place.

Fret Not If Your Fish Hide At First

Yes, it is natural for the fish to hide a lot first. Being caught in a net at the store, placed in a bag, and finally landing in a new environment is scary for most fish. Ensure there are adequate decorations in the aquarium to make them feel safe and secure. Also, they'll come out when you add more fish and decorations.

Good Lighting 

Fish need to rest, so put your aquarium light on a regular on/off cycle to give your fish some downtime and avert unpleasant algae growth. Fix light with a built-in-timer, as the planted aquariums need 10-12 hours of light, while non-planted tanks do best with 6 to 8 hours.

Clean Regularly

Aquarium will need regular cleaning. It's ideal to allow it to settle in first and find its balance. Avoid disturbing the gravel during water changes for the first month, as this hinders the beneficial bacteria that are trying to get established. The same applies to filter-rinse gently, hang-on filter cartridges if they need it, but otherwise, do not disturb filter media for the first few weeks.