World Water Day this year is being celebrated on March 22, 2020 by the United Nations to stress the importance of preserving freshwater resources. An annual event, it urges people to effectively manage the problem of water scarcity and take necessary measures to save and protect water for future use. Also  Read: The Importance Of Drinking Water

Water, the quintessential element gifted by Mother Nature without which none of us can survive. This year's theme is “Water and Climate” which explores how water and climatic changes are inseparably associated. Water, the most precious resource should be used more sensibly thereby increasing the access of safe drinking water to all sections of people. As the population is growing the need and demand is also hugely rising, hence people should work together in protecting the natural resources like oceans, wetlands, following smart irrigation techniques and improve the safe reuse of wastewater.

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Drinking adequate amounts of water is pivotal for health and well-being. Water makes up about 60 % of the human body and each day an individual should intake certain amounts of water to survive and perform normal bodily functions.

Water, the key nutrient act as a building material for every single cell, regulates the body temperature, plays a crucial role in metabolism, forms the salvia and clears out the waste and toxins from the body and even helps in reducing weight.
Foray this infographic to know about the right time to drink water in a day.

world water day