Mother’s Day is celebrated on second Sunday of May every year to honour motherhood and celebrate the role of a mother in society. An initiative started by Anna Jarvis an American in 1908, Mother’s Day has become a tradition of sorts across the world.

Being a mother is truly a happy and memorable experience and we all take immense satisfaction in providing unconditional love and support to our kids and family. However, a healthy mom is a happy mother and it is equally important to be mindful of your needs.

This Mother’s Day take an oath to do the following for being an inspiring, healthy and happy mother.

Happy Mother's Day

Eat Right

Focus on a well-balanced diet comprising whole grain cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruits to meet your daily dose of essential nutrients. Up your calcium from low-fat dairy products to avoid bone-related diseases. Eat fresh organic produce, avoid all processed, refined, high-fat foods and limit sugar.


Start working out. It is never too late to lose those extra kilos and gain back that toned look. Stay committed to your gym days and exercise routines to stay healthy and active.

Find Some ‘Me Time’

You deserve some ‘me time’. Spend at least 3 to 4 hours a week, reading books, shopping with friends, watching movies or just jaywalking in quiet places. Treat yourself to a spa day for complete relaxation.

Schedule Health Checks

Regular health checks and tests help in ruling out various health issues. Go for annual blood sugar, complete blood count, pap smear, bone density tests and talk to your doctor for suggestions on being healthy and happy.

Be Optimistic

Always be optimistic and develop a positive outlook towards your life. Try getting a hobby, make friends, discover new interests and stay productive.