Most of you dutifully follow your CTM routine without fail to make the face look beautiful and glowing. Well, do you really show this care and love to your feet? Just like your face, the feet too get tired after a long and hectic day. Right from carrying the entire weight of the body, they provide you with support and balance. Your feet undeniably need extra attention and proper foot care to look their best.

Smelly feet, corns, cracked feet, infection and callus are quite common, as we spent a long day bundled in shoes. The perfect way to maintain your feet health is to follow a proper foot care regimen that assists to keep the feet in good shape. Getting regular pedicure is great, but exfoliating your feet with help of foot scrub is the best possible way to keep aches, infections and even cracked foot issues at bay and get supple and healthy feet. Before using foot scrubs let’s know how a relaxing foot scrub is going to help you.

Benefits Of A Foot Scrub

  • Regular foot massage with a scrub helps to improve blood flow and alleviates pain.
  • Massaging the feet supports to relax the mind and body, thus easing stress.
  • Foot scrub works to exfoliate dead skin cells and wards of all the dirt and impurities from deep within.
  • Scrub calms the foot pain and discomfort caused by footwear or walking or standing for long hours.
  • Foot scrub enhances the texture of the feet and makes it supple and lightens dark toenails.
  • Averts the formation of calluses or hard skin.

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Mother Nature has bestowed upon us with bountiful of ingredients that can be used to make simple and effective foot scrubs at home to pamper those tired feet and feel relaxed in no time. Foray this infographic to get an insight about DIY foot scrub recipes to keep your footsie stay in tip-top shape and health.
5 DIY Splendid Foot Scrub Ideas