M C Mary Kom, the 35-year-old female boxer who made Indian flag fly high by winning six World Championships and an Olympic bronze is a true inspiration in every sense.

The mother of three, now aspiring to win a gold medal for the country in Tokyo Olympics 2020 leads her disciplined life by example.

Here are few interesting and truly inspiring anecdotes about Mary Kom:

Mary Kom

Daily Routine:

Mary’s day starts with strenuous exercises that include running, stretching, skipping, punching each for half an hour. She runs for 14 kilometers a day and her entire training period lasts for 8 hours on all seven days of the week. She hones her boxing skills daily, by practicing with a punching bag, shadow boxing and speed bags. She says the daily practice strengthens her muscles and boosts her cardio power.


According to her physiotherapist Nikhil Latey, Mary doesn’t take things for granted. She puts in her 100% effort in training and is known for her perseverance, dedication and the mother of three is always rearing to win. Besides maintaining perfect physical fitness, Mary also believes in being calm minded for a brain-eye coordination, a much-needed skill for the boxers.


The boxer keenly follows a strict diet regimen and eats at regular time intervals. In September 2018, Mary Kom stunned the whole world by losing two kilos, in 4 hours of continuous skipping, to get qualified into the 48 kg category at Silesian Open Boxing Tournament in Poland.


Her never-say-die attitude and dedication won her a Rajyasabha nomination in 2016 and the boxing lady is always on the forefront voicing her opinions related to women empowerment. The 35-year-old advices women take up athletic practices like running, swimming and skipping to stay healthy. Her personal favourite is skipping as it improves heart rate, boosts stamina, flexibility and controls breathing.


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