Musli, commonly known as Safed Musli is a rare Indian herb and also a popular magical folk remedy that has immense healing properties. Famed for its powerful aphrodisiac and adaptogenic effects, this herb is extensively used in all types of healing procedures, be it Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy or Chinese medicines for boosting libido, curing sexual weakness, treating erectile dysfunction, impotence, relieving stress, reducing inflammation and many more.

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safed musli root

What Is Safed Musli?

Musli which goes by the botanical name Chlorophytum Borivilianum belongs to the Asparagaceae family. It is a tropical herb that is spread throughout the wet forests of peninsular India. The herb has erected lanceolate-shaped leaves and dense racemosus white-coloured flowers. It usually grows to a height of 1.8 ft.

The holistic science of Ayurveda characterizes Musli as one of the pivotal herbs used for the Brihana Therapy, an ayurvedic treatment that includes different types of herbs, that not only enhance strength but also boosts physical performance and improves body endurance. The Brihana therapy is extremely beneficial in treating diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis, muscular weakness, fatigue, body-building, male weakness, etc.

Synonyms Of Musli:

This popular aphrodisiac herb is known by several names including Safed Moosli, Indian Spider plant, Land-Calotrops, Asparagus adscendens, Dholi Musli, Swetha Musli, Taniravi Thang, Khiruva, and Shedheveli.

What Are The Ayurvedic Indications Of Musli?

The holistic science of Ayurveda knows this potent herb as ‘Safed Musli’. Also termed as “Indian Viagra” or “Herbal Viagra”, this herb has been used to treat various sexual problems and other disorders in both men and women since ancient times. This powerful herb is extensively mentioned in ancient ayurvedic scriptures of Charaka Samhita and Raj Nighantu for treating various problems including Vrushya (acts as an aphrodisiac), Prameha (manages diabetes), Trutahara (relieves excessive thirst), Rasayani (rejuvenates the whole body), Balya (improves muscle strength), Shonitasthapana (prevents bleeding), Dahahara (relieves burning sensation), Mehahara (treats urinary tract disorders), Rasayani (rejuvenates the whole body), Balya (improves muscle strength), Deepana (enhances stomach fire), Pachana (helps in digestion), Kustha (treats skin disorders), Kamala (prevents jaundice), Varnya (improves complexion), Dugdhya (improves lactation), Rochana (stimulates appetite), Amahara (treats indigestion), and Vamana (prevents nausea and vomiting).

What Are the Chemical Components Of Musli?

Touted as a potent spermatogenic and adaptogenic herb, musli is imbued with a rich source of proteins, vitamins, alkaloids, steroids, carbohydrates, and polysaccharides. Owing to the abundance of saponins, fibres, potassium, calcium, magnesium, resins, phenol, and mucilage content, the Medicinal Plants Board has even certified this herb as the sixth most valuable plant to be conserved and protected.

The foamy texture of this herb powder comes from the high levels of saponin content in them. The two active saponin constituents present in musli are stigmasterol and hecogenin, out of which stigmasterol possesses aphrodisiac properties and shows activities similar to the hormone testosterone, whereas hecogenin helps in the synthesis of anabolic hormones, which allows men to build strong muscles.

safed musli tree

Potent Curative Properties Of Safed Musli

The magical herb shows umpteen health benefits and an array of therapeutic properties. These include:


Famed for its powerful aphrodisiac properties, the white powdered musli is extremely beneficial for addressing issues like erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, and infertility when consumed regularly.


Imbued with the goodness of potent antioxidants, Musli helps in scavenging harmful oxygen radicals from the body which in turn builds the body’s immunity and keeps infections at bay.


Safed Musli also exhibits anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that reduce the pain, inflammation, and swelling due to arthritis.


Also termed as anti-stress properties, Safed musli offers calmness and serenity and helps in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression from the human body when taken regularly.


Antacids help in normalising the elevated acid levels in the stomach and provides relief from indigestion. This property of Safed Musli not only curbs bloating, flatulence and sudden hunger pangs but also prevents ulcers, constipation and boosts healthy digestion.


The potent galactagogue property of musli helps in stimulating the mammary glands to produce more breast milk, thus enhancing lactation abilities in new moms.

Potent Medicinal Parts:

Although the entire plant has curative properties, it is the root and seed that has a higher concentration of nutrients and is chiefly used for the various musli formulations like musli pak and safed musli churna.

Safed Musli Khane Ke Tarike/ Ways To Consume Safed Musli:

Being a potent aphrodisiac herb, safed musli can be consumed effectively as a Ksheer pak i.e. paste kind of formulation or in the form of churna or powder.

Musli Pak

Musli Pak is a powerful ayurvedic formulation that comprises Musli root powder as the main active ingredient and a mixture of other herbs that characterizes potent aphrodisiac and revitalising properties. Although the formulation is basically an herbal paste, it is available in the market in both paste and capsule form. This herbal remedy not only helps in building body muscles but also improves the weight, restores physical strength, treats infertility issues and boosts libido in men.

Musli Pak comprises of a whopping 22 ingredients all of which exemplify spermatogenic, antioxidant, androgenic, adaptogenic and erectogenic properties and works together to treat a host of health anomalies.

safed musli pak

How To Make Musli Pak?


16 parts Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Borivilianum)

16 parts Ghrita or Cow’s Ghee     

50 parts Mishri or Sugar      

200 parts Dugdha or Cow’s Milk 

8 parts Sautéed Mochras (Semal Gond)        

2 parts Chironji – Buchanania lanzan

2 parts Jaiphal (Nutmeg) – Myristica fragrans        

2 parts Coconut  (Nariyal) – Coco nucifera

2 parts Almonds (Badam) – Prunus dulcis

2 parts Kesar (Saffron) – Crocus sativus

2 parts Jatamansi (Spikenard) – Nardostachys Jatamansi

2 parts Kaunch Beej (Velvet bean) – Mucuna pruriens   

2 parts Dalchini (Cinnamon) – Cinnamomum verum

2 parts Laung (Clove) – Syzigium aromaticum

2 parts Elaichi (Cardamom) – Elettaria Cardamomum    

2 parts Tumbaru (Toothache Tree) – Zanthoxylum alatum               

2 parts Tejpata (Bay Leaves) – Cinnamomum tamala

2 parts Nagkeshar – Mesua ferrea        

2 parts Sonth (Dry Ginger) – Zingiber officinalis

2 parts Kali Mirch (Black Pepper) – Piper nigrum   

2 parts Pippali (Long Pepper) – Piper longum

2 parts Javitri (Mace) – Myristica fragrans


Air-dry the powdered herbal ingredients and sift to remove any impurities.

Keep all the powdered herbal ingredients separately.

Boil safed musli in cow’s milk in a heavy-bottomed vessel.

Simmer the mixture to get a semi-sold khowa or mawa.

Next, add cow’s ghee to the khowa and keep stirring until it turns brown.

Make a sugar syrup using sugar and water to a thick string-like consistency.

Add this sugar syrup to the mixture with continuous stirring.

One by one add all the powdered herbal ingredients to the mixture.

Mix everything properly until a smooth semisolid paste-like uniformity is reached.

Store the paste in an airtight container, cool and refrigerate for future use.


20 gms of the musli pak twice a day preferably with milk, honey or ghee or as suggested by your health care provider.

Safed Musli Churna/ Powder:


10 parts safed musli roots


Keep the fresh musli roots under the sun for 1-2 weeks until there is no moisture remaining.

Use a grinder to grind the roots to make a powder.

Air-dry the powder for 2-3 days until there are no moisture particles.

Pass the churna or powder through sieve no.100 to remove any impurities or solid particles.

Store them in air-tight containers for future use.


1-2 tbsp pf safed musli powder infused in warm milk twice a day or as suggested by the ayurvedic doctor.

Safed Musli Ke Fayde/ Benefits Of Safed Musli

Safed Musli For Males:

Safed Musli is an extremely beneficial herb that is typically indicated for improving men’s health. Thanks to its powerful spermatogenic properties, both the musli pak and churna holds high significance in treating oligospermia (i.e. low sperm count), asthenozoospermia (i.e. sperm motility), hypospermia (low volume of semen), teratospermia (i.e. abnormal sperm shape) and enhances spermatogenesis (i.e. sperm production). The herb, being a natural antioxidant improves the production of male hormones like testosterone and luteinizing hormone. Since it has vajikaran property, it plays a crucial role in treating conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Being a potent Pitta pacifier herb, safed musli also prevents sudden night falls or nocturnal emission. Also Read: Erectile Dysfunction: 5 Incredible Ayurvedic Herbs To Manage Male Impotency

Safed Musli For Females:

Apart from improving male fertility, the vajikaran herb also helps to boost female reproductive hormones and actively participates in treating a host of conditions including endometriosis (i.e. inflammation of the lining of the uterus). Being a powerful uterine tonic, it maintains hormone levels within the blood, strengthens the female reproductive organs and enhances maturation of the eggs into follicles. Regular use of this herb in any way improves fertility and can be very helpful when an individual is trying to conceive. Also Read: Top-Most Fertility Foods

Safed Musli For Libido:

Safed Musli offers strong aphrodisiac effects which help in reducing mental stress and anxiety and stimulates the hormones for increasing libido. It plays a key role in increasing virility and stamina in men.

Safed Musli For Anxiety and Depression:

Thanks to the adaptogenic or anti-stress properties of Safed Musli, both the formulations are extremely useful in remedying different types of psychotic problems like depression, dementia, etc. It normalises the vata and pitta doshas in the body which in turn keeps the serotonin hormone level under control and helps to reduce various symptoms of anxiety which includes uneasiness, restlessness, cold hands, and feet, etc.

Safed Musli For Body Weight:

The abundance of healthful nutrients in Safed musli makes it an appropriate choice for providing nourishment for people suffering from malnourishment, are emaciated or underweight and need to build lean muscle mass. So, to gain weight and improves muscle mass, one can consume a spoon of musli along with milk every night before going to bed.

safed musli powder

Safed Musli Ke Aur Fayde/ Other Therapeutic Uses For Safed Musli:

Bolsters Immunity:

This powerful formulation holds high value in improving the general stamina and energy level of the body. The active ingredients in ashwagandha and other herbs used in this formulation reduces weakness and fatigue and improves the vitality of the body. It also improves the function of the adrenal glands which in turn helps in reducing the stress levels.

Manages Diabetes:

Safed Musli confers strong hypoglycaemic property which plays a pivotal role in assuaging the blood sugar levels of the body. The β-pancreatic cells, which helps in the production of insulin becomes extremely active in consuming musli. It also helps to reduce the breakdown of starch into glucose which in turn leads to low blood glucose levels in the body. Also Read: Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Enhances Cardiac Functioning:

Famed as a natural cardio-protective herb, safed musli is extremely beneficial in treating a host of heart ailments. Owing to its strong antioxidative nature, it strengthens the heart muscles, prevents lipid build up in them, and hence reduces the risk of heart attacks, heart blocks, blood clots, etc. It also plays a crucial role in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Also Read: Top 10 Superfoods For A Healthy Heart

Boosts Digestion:

Apart from adaptogenic properties, musli characterizes excellent digestive qualities. The anti-flatulent property of the roots reduces the formation of gas in the alimentary canal, thus reducing flatulence, bloating and abdominal distension. The abundance of fibre in the root powder makes this a potent remedy for constipation and other digestive issues. The antacid property of the herb prevents the formation of excessive acids in the stomach thereby treating indigestion, ulcer, gastritis and promoting better absorption of nutrients in the body. Also Read: 5 Herbs For A Healthy Digestive System

Treats Arthritis:

The abundance of anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties of the bioactive ingredients in safed musli makes it an appropriate choice for providing relief from pain and inflammation due to arthritis.

Promotes Lactation:

Touted as a powerful galactagogue, both the root powder and the musli pak is extensively used in lactating women to boost the secretion of milk from the mammary glands.

Mix a spoonful of musli powder, a teaspoon of jeera and sugar in a glass of warm milk. Take this before going to bed daily to promote lactation.

Remedies Diarrhoea:

Imbued with potent anti-bacterial and anti-diarrhoea properties, musli  is extensively used for removing bacteria from the intestines that causes diarrhoea and other intestinal infections. It can also be used for treating a type of diarrhoea known as AMA ATISARA i.e., acute diarrhoea where the bowel is slimy, sticky, full of mucus and has a foul odour. The root powder not only removes the toxins from the body but also effectively reduces the frequency of stools.

Combats Dysentery:

This herb offers a magical remedy for effectively treating dysentery. In case of amoebic dysentery, it completely kills the causative agent Entamoeba histolytica, clear its traces from the liver and intestines and also prevents the dormant amoeba to remain inside the digestive system and create further problems.

Relieves Urinary Anomalies:

Safed musli is also used for treating urinary disorders like urinary incontinence, painful urination, burning sensation while urinating. When the medicine is taken alongside cow’s milk, it not only reduces the pain and burning micturition but also stimulates proper urination.

Beauty Benefits:

Blessed with antioxidant properties, safed musli helps in shielding the skin from oxidative radical damage due to the harmful UVA and UVB rays, and hence reduces the risk of the various signs of aging like wrinkles, spots, fine lines, dark circles, etc. Being a potent anti-inflammatory herb, it also reduces allergic conditions like acne, pimples, zits and offers smooth and radiant skin.

By pacifying the Pitta levels and normalising the secretion of the stress hormone, it also prevents hair fall and breakage due to stress and anxiety.

safed musli churna

Safed Musli Effect On Doshas:

Musli is sanctified with Madhura Rasa (i.e. sweet taste) and Guru (i.e. heavy) and Snigdha Guna (i.e. unctuous quality). It intrinsically portrays Shita Virya (i.e. cold potency) and Madhura Vipaka (i.e. sweet metabolic taste). Being heavy and unctuous, it pacifies the Vata (i.e. air) Doshas whereas having a sweet metabolic taste and cold potency, the herb normalises the Pitta (i.e. fire and water) Doshas. However, it can often lead to an aggravation of the Kapha (i.e. water and earth) Dosha levels. Owing to the intrinsic properties and doshas, the herb has a positive effect on the various Dhatus (i.e. body tissues) which are Rasa (i.e. Plasma), Rakta (i.e. Blood), Mamsa (i.e. Muscles), Asthi (i.e. Bones) and Shukra (i.e. Reproductive Fluids). Also Read: Introduction To Ayurveda: Learn About Vata, Pitta And Kapha Doshas

Safed Musli Dosage:

The exact therapeutic dosage may vary from person to person depending upon the age, body strength, effects on appetite, severity, and condition of the patient. It is strictly advised to consult an ayurvedic doctor or practitioner as he or she would analyse the patient’s indications and prescribe an effective dose for a specific time period.

For Teenagers: 1.5 – 2 gm

For Adults: 3 – 6 gm

The maximum dosage for the entire day should never exceed 12 gms. The powder is best suited when taken with milk, twice a day 2 hours after a meal or as suggested by your doctor.

Safed Musli Ke Side Effects

Although Musli is considered safe when taken in proper therapeutic dosage, However, an excessive amount without doctor’s consultation can lead to the following adverse effects:

Weight Gain:

Being a strengthening herb, when taken above the prescribed amount, musli can often cause weight gain.

Difficulty In The Digestion:

People suffering from poor digestion or liver disorders should definitely see a doctor and acknowledge him about the medical conditions before taking musli since having unctuous, oily and heavy properties, this herb is difficult to digest.

Reduces Appetite:

Although it is sometimes good for weight loss since it curbs hunger pangs and keeps the stomach full for a longer time duration, regular intake of the powder in large quantities can subsequently lead to loss of appetite and may affect negatively people wanting to gain weight.

Pregnancy And Lactation:

Imbued with galactagogue properties, this herb is beneficial in boosting lactation. However, there is no scientific evidence about its effect on pregnant women. Hence, both pregnant and lactating mothers should consult a doctor before taking this formulation. 

Safed Musli FAQs

Can I Take Safed Musli As A Health Tonic?

Safed musli is valued as an essential medicinal herb. It is best known for its rejuvenating, energising and health-boosting actions. It can be used as a health tonic for strengthening immune systems, mitigating arthritis pain, regulating diabetes, and optimising overall mental and physical well-being.

How To Store Safed Musli?

Safed musli formulation should be stored in an airtight container in a cool and dry place. It should be kept away from direct light and moisture. Also, a sealed container should be used within 6 months of its opening.

How To Use Safed Musli?

Safed musli is available in the form of churna, capsule and tonic that can be consumed.

 How To Make Safed Musli Powder At Home?

Yes, safed musli powder can be prepared at home. Get dried safed musli roots and pound them to powder in a mixer. Safed musli powder can be taken along with milk or water. Store safed musli powder in an airtight container.

What Are The Uses Of Safed Musli?

Safed musli has been largely used for treating several health maladies including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, uplifting vitality, sexual drive and energy.


Since the ancient Vedic ages, this magical powder has been mentioned in several ayurvedic textbooks as the “Herbal Viagra” due to its enormous health benefits. This incredible medicinal herb is classified as an adaptogen and potent aphrodisiac which not only helps in normalising stress and anxiety but also enhances libido treats various infertility issues and improves reproductive health in both men and women. It also ensures better functioning of the heart and improves overall stamina and body immunity.