Caffeine present in coffee is known to increase the longevity of a person by reducing the inflammation in the body.


A recent study published in the Nature medicine shows that the consumption of caffeine alters the inflammation process in the body.  The regular caffeine products such as coffee, tea, energy drinks and chocolates are known to boost one's energy the entire day.  The regular consumption of caffeine may result in reduced inflammation and increased lifespan.

The study was conducted in people of older age to know the inflammatory processes that lead to the increased inflammation.The inflammation was caused due to the activation of two cluster proteins present in older patients.  These genes were linked to the production of interleukin -1 beta (IL-1 β), which is a circulatory inflammatory protein.

The study showed that older people who had high cluster proteins had high concentration of IL- β in their blood that elevated the levels of blood pressure and increased arterial stiffness when compared to other people with low cluster proteins.

The metabolites of caffeine that is theophylline and theobromine were found to be present in patients with low cluster proteins that decreased the activity of cluster proteins. Thus caffeine proved to be effective in countering the negative effects of inflammation in the body.