Medicines are miraculous results of scientific advancements that can heal and cure us from many ailments and chronic conditions.

These are our lifesavers and it is imperative to take medications on time, as prescribed by the doctors for it to work effectively. However, when it comes to taking medications, many of us tend to make few common mistakes that may cause certain side effects and impact metabolic activity.

If you are wondering about the golden rules while taking medicines, here is the list.

Woman taking pills

Medicine Before Or After Food:

Many of us get confused if medications should be taken before or after foods. Well, it depends. If you are a diabetic, you may have to consume the medicine half an hour before your meal, giving it ample time to get absorbed into the body. Certain type of vitamin supplements too should be taken before having food. Read the medicine related information and talk to your doctor in detail about the exact timings.

With Or Without Juice:

Fruit juices may provide instant energy but avoid taking medications along with it. Do not ever drink grapefruit, orange, lemon juice along with medications as they are rich in flavonoid compounds that can affect metabolism and can in turn normal dose of a drug into a toxic overdose. Juices may also prevent drugs from getting absorbed into the blood completely.

With Or Without Milk:

Milk and milk products are high on calcium and can react with medicines, forming calcium salt that interferes with the digestive process. This reaction stops medication from getting absorbed completely or only partially.

With Or Without Tea:

Do not take medicines with tea as tannic compounds in this beverage reduce the effect of drugs. Avoid taking iron and other vitamin supplements as tannic acid reacts with these components and reduces the effect completely.

With Or Without Caffeine:

Needless to say, coffee, caffeine-based drinks are a strict no-no with medications. Caffeine never aligns with drugs, especially those used to treat asthma, bronchitis and cardiovascular conditions. Coffee along with medication can cause severe nausea, headache, palpitations. Avoid taking medicines at least an hour before or after drinking coffee.