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Guard Oral Rinse Mouth Wash is an antiseptic, anti-plaque liquid that is used to prevent and treat gingivitis (inflammation of gingiva). It helps to prevent plaque accumulation in the absence of brushing. Guard Oral Rinse Mouth Wash treats mouth and throat infections, oral candidiasis (fungal infection of mouth), and mouth ulcers. It contains chlorhexidine gluconate as active ingredient that helps to prevent dental caries and maintain a good oral hygiene.

Chlorhexidine gluconate is an antiseptic agent that binds strongly to the teeth and gums. It helps to remove plaque. Bacterial plaque produces chemicals that cause gum inflammation. It is an antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria inside the mouth, that helps to prevent secondary infections arising out of poor oral hygiene.

Use Guard Oral Rinse Mouth Wash exactly as advised by your doctor. It is for oral use only. Rinse vigorously for one minute around your teeth and gums, gargle before spitting out for a complete oral hygiene experience. Do not swallow. Do not rinse your mouth, drink, or eat something for at least 20 minutes after using Guard Oral Rinse Mouth Wash. Do not use toothpastes immediately after rinsing with this mouth wash, as it will decrease its effect.


  • Chlorhexidine gluconate


Written By Dr. N. Sai Swaroop, Pharm.D
Last updated on 19 Apr 2023 | 05:39 PM(IST)


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GUARD ORAL RINSE Mouth Wash 100ml

GUARD ORAL RINSE Mouth Wash 100ml Mkt: Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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