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Stay-On Power Oil for Men 30 ml 11% OFF
Stay-On Power Oil for Men 30 ml
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Invigra Delay Spray 12 gm 30% OFF
Invigra Delay Spray 12 gm
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Make Intercourse Easier With Lubricants

Sex is a healthy and a pleasurable activity, although can also be a challenging one. At times, some individuals may find it difficult to enjoy penetration, either on themselves or with a partner. Applying force or using aggressive tactics can cause harm to extremely sensitive areas of your body. This is where lubricant comes in handy.

What A Lubricant Is

A lubricant is an artificial substance that can enable smooth and easy penetration. Although your body naturally produces fluids, at the fluids they may not be enough. If you find penetration difficult, you can apply lube to either yours, or your partners’ genitals for easy penetration. Regardless of sexual orientation, using lubricants can make your sex life much more pleasurable and safer.

Types Of Lubricants

Today, you can purchase a lube that suits your requirements or as per your preferences. You can pick from the following types of lubes:

  • Water: One of more popular types of lubic gels is one that comprises water as the main ingredient. They are perfect for those who have sensitive skin. The lubricant gels are also flavourless and do not add any other stimuli to your sexual activities.
  • Silicone: Silicone-based lubricants tend to last longer than water-based ones. They do not dry out quickly and also leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised.
  • Oil: Lastly, oil-based lubricants refer to the usage of any oil or oil heavy product as lubricant. For instance, you can use baby oil, petroleum jelly, and so on. However, do remember that such products are not specifically designed to be used as lube. If you are looking for an oil-based lubricant, you can purchase one specifically created for that very purpose.

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What is lubrication used for?

Lubricants are gels or oils used to lubricate genitals/genital areas to enable easy and smooth penetrative sex.

What to look for while purchasing lube?

While selecting a lubricant, you can consider the kind of sexual activity you are engaging in, your preference for a base, the price of the product, the ingredients used, and the reviews.

Is lube healthy to use?

Yes, using lube is a healthy choice and helps keep you and your partners safe during intercourse.