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Make Playtime Fun With Baby Toys

As new parents, you might often hear about the importance of focusing on your baby’s development. While this process includes creating a nurturing environment and providing nourishment, your baby also requires adequate playtime. Playtime helps your child’s overall well-being and lays the groundwork for future growth. And of course, playtime for a little one is incomplete with a selection of toys.

If you are unsure about which baby toys in India are most suitable for your tot, then here is a handy guide to help you out:

  • For New Infants: A newborn would benefit from toys that engage their senses. Since early infants rely on their eyesight, you could purchase toys that please their eyes, like brightly coloured soft toys and picture books. They will enjoy toys they can grasp, chew, shake, and make noise with, such as huge rings, squeeze toys, teething toys, textured balls, vinyl and board books. They will also be amused with toys that can be held and felt such as rattles, large rings, soft dolls, and so on.
  • For Older Infants: When your baby is older, you could switch to toys and games that are more movement focused. As your child crawls and scoots, you can introduce toys like larger balls, push and pull toys, and soft building blocks to aid movement. Not only do they help engage your baby’s motor skills, but also engage their budding curiosity.
  • For Toddlers: As your child hits the one-year mark, you can move your attention to speech and mental development. You can purchase simple books with pictures or audio-based toys with rhymes and jingles to keep your baby’s mind engaged. You can also purchase easy puzzles to help your baby learn to use mind and body in tandem. 

Selecting the right toys for your baby can go a long way in aiding and supporting holistic growth. Do remember to purchase toys that will help your tot have fun and put a smile on your child’s face. If you are looking for toys with the baby’s aesthetic and developmental needs in mind, then Netmeds is the place for you. At Netmeds, you can easily buy baby toys online without having to step out of your house.


Which toys does a baby actually need?

Babies need different types of toys as per their age. Since at different ages a baby’s developmental needs vary, it is best to purchase toys that will aid their growth as per their age.

What should you look out for while buying toys for babies?

While buying toys for babies, you should keep a few things in mind. Firstly, purchase toys that are made with quality materials and contain nothing that could be a choking or health hazard for your child. Also, for infants, toys with softer edges work well. It is also best to purchase toys that are brightly coloured and pleasing to look at since such factors encourage a baby to play.

Which toy is best for a 3-month-old?

A three-month old baby is considered to be a new infant and would require toys that engage the senses, especially eyes and hands. Thus, it is best to buy toys that are colourful, large, can be easily held, and provide textural stimulation. Do make sure to purchase toys that make your baby happy as it is an easy way to encourage play.