Today is World Trauma Day, it is observed worldwide with an aim to emphasize the need of averting deaths and disabilities caused by accidents or trauma. Statistics reveal that there is a high prevalence of road accidents happening in India every 1.9 minutes and 22.8% of all traumas are due to transport-related accidents. It is reported that almost 1 million people die and 20 million are hospitalized every year due to accidents.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), trauma is the main cause of death and disability across the globe. In fact, research says that almost 50% of road accidents happening in developed countries can be prevented with proper intervention after trauma which includes:

  1. Prompt pre-hospital care or first aid
  2. Proper knowledge and training to personnel handling emergency situations
  3. Adequate ambulances, equipment, medical supplies and facilities to handle emergency situations
world trauma day

This World Trauma Day let’s emphasize the importance of saving and protecting life in the most critical situation and measures to handle and avoid trauma fatalities.

Dealing with the aftermath of a trauma, disability or losing the loved ones are in fact a tough times to manage and stress levels are uncontrollable. Here we bring you 5 simple ways to cope up with the crisis.

Pay Attention on What’s Important

When handling with the repercussion of any crisis, it is vital to focus on your resources. Accomplishing your day’s task by sharing your responsibilities with family and friends. Hold on to unnecessary commitment and prioritize on what actually should be done, so that you can conserve your physical and emotional energy. Ensure that you eat healthily, get sound sleep and take care of your emotions and body, so that you will be more in control of your situations.

Find Support

Get support from your loved ones so that you can minimize the load by getting help with routine your activities or lending a supportive ear. You feel much relaxed when receiving support and be feeling great when your buddy is there for you.

Beat the Stress

When you face a crisis or your loved ones your body’s stimuli to stress gets triggered immensely and keep you in a state of constant stress. It is in fact very tough to stay calm aftermath of a trauma, however, try to practice meditation or stress relief techniques to suppress the stress and feel more robust in the face of whatever comes next.

Be Patient

People always assume that when dealing with a crisis or trauma that their negative emotions are a sign of weakness or not dealing with things in the right way. Be patient with your feelings and reactions to situations in life and handle them as it is very common to feel not yourself after any mild or severe trauma. Accept the reality you will feel much better and relaxed and things will settle on its own sooner.

Seek Medical Help When Needed

If all of these ways are not effective in handling the crisis and you still have nightmares and negative feelings and unable to move with life even after several weeks or months after trauma then you may need professional support to deal with the situation. Talk to the psychiatrist to handle the situation and seek support to overcome the crisis.