World Hearing Day is observed on March 3 annually to raise awareness among the populace about the need to avoid deafness and hearing impairment and promote ear and hearing care across the globe. This health event is a campaign organised by the Office of Prevention of Blindness and Deafness of the World Health Organization (WHO), which was first observed in 2007 and before 2016 it was known as International Ear Care Day.

According to the WHO’s World Report on Hearing, globally around a 2.5million people (1 in 4 individuals) would develop a hearing issue. Further, more than half of them would need hearing assistance, as well as other rehabilitative treatments over the next decade if not addressed. On this day WHO seeks to establish the importance of prompt detection and proper treatment mode for hearing loss. Most people have undiagnosed hearing issues and are totally ignorant that they are missing out on vital sounds and phrases. Thus, the crucial step in handling the issue is to review one’s hearing.
World Hearing Day March 03

This year’s theme is “To hear for life, listen with care” which would pay attention to the importance and ways of hearing loss prevention through safe listening, with the below key features:

  • To have good hearing throughout the life span with proper ear and hearing care
  • Some of the most common causes of hearing loss can be avoided, including hearing loss caused due to exposure to heavy sounds
  • Safe listening can lessen the risk of hearing loss linked with entertaining sound exposure.
  • The World Health Organisation has called upon governments, industry partners and other non-government agencies to raise awareness and execute standard protocols to enhance safe listening


People would be socially connected if they have better ear health and improve their communication. While a person who is deaf or hard of hearing may benefit from prompt and appropriate treatments in the fields of learning, jobs, and interaction.

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Read this article to know about simple ways to avert hearing loss.

5 Simple Strategies To Prevent Hearing Loss

Avoid Loud Noise

It is recommended that a person should try and avoid any mode of sounds above 85 decibels. Constant exposure to loud noise or in one abrupt impulse is the main cause of sensorineural hearing loss. If a person's job demands a high level of noise, then experts suggest wearing ear protection gadgets and distancing themselves as far as possible from the source.

Avoid Sharp Objects

One of the effective ways to enhance hearing and avert hearing loss is to avoid putting objects in the ear, particularly pointed or sharp ones. Even cotton bud is not safe as it can damage the ear canal or rupture the fragile eardrum.

Get Regular Exercise

We all know that exercise has tremendous incentives for overall health, but people hardly realise that exercise can also have positive impact on hearing. Surprisingly it is one of the best ways to improve hearing and ear health. Exercise improves the blood flow to the ears and supports to maintain the health of inner ear hair cells, which once damaged cannot be repaired or regenerated.

Simple workouts like walking, gardening or gentle yoga may help. Most importantly don't use headphones to listen to music while performing the exercise as they can possibly cause further damage to the hair cells.

Quit Smoking

Several studies reveal that smoking have a negative impact on hearing and increases the risk of hearing loss. Thus, on this world hearing day make a sincere effort to quit smoking for better health.

Wear Hearing Aids

For a person with hearing loss, it is essential to use hearing aids as advised by the specialist. Avoiding them would worsen damage to the ears. Also, go for regular check-ups to make alterations to hearing aids.