World Asthma Day is observed on second Tuesday of May every year and this year’s theme is ‘Stop For Asthma’.

Asthma is a condition in which the air passages get constricted, swollen and tend to produce extra mucus leading to difficulty in breathing, triggering severe wheezing and coughing. The symptoms of asthma may differ from person to person.

Few may experience sudden asthmatic attacks while others suffer persistently. The asthma attacks are broadly classified into three types – exercise induced attacks, occupational asthma triggered by gases, chemicals etc., and allergy induced asthma caused due to pollen, airborne substances, mold, pet dander.

And if you thought, summer brings in a relief for asthmatic patients think again. Summer heat is equally worse as winter mornings for those suffering from this lung-related disorder.

If you are an asthmatic and wondering how to deal with it during summer, here’s your guide.

World Asthma Day 2019

Avoid Pollen:

Summer is when there is a lot of pollen in the air, which is a notorious trigger for asthma. Stay away from flowering trees and parks where there are flowers with high pollen count, which can instantly cause irritation. Do not venture out if you find sudden changes in the weather, as humidity causes widespread mold in the air.

Morning Exercise:

The best time to work-out in the summer is early in the morning. Schedule your exercise, morning walks, jogging, swimming in the early hours for better air quality and pleasant temperature. Avoid work-outs post noon as poor air quality can cause severe breathing discomfort.

Know The Triggers:

There are different kinds of triggers which differ from person to person. While pollen, poor air quality are main reasons, be watchful about mold spores, pet dander, smoke, certain preservatives in food and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Stay Inside & Stay Hydrated:

If possible stay indoors to manage the symptoms. Avoiding hot and humid weather, pollen can reduce asthma significantly and it is equally important to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Water acts as an expectorant, thins out the mucus, clears the lungs making it easy to breathe. 

Keep Medication Handy:

Do not ever step out without your asthma medication as summer heat can trigger sudden attacks. Keep your medication away from direct sunlight and ensure it is cool. If you feel an asthma attack coming on, take the medication immediately without any delay.