Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the most common endocrine health disorder affecting women of reproductive age. It can lead to excessive or scanty periods and several other complications such as hormonal imbalance, weight gain, unwanted hair growth and also interfere with the normal functioning of the reproductive system. This condition can be effectively treated with the help of medications, mindful eating habits, leading a disciplined lifestyle, taking Ayurveda supplements, and in a few instances, doctors may also suggest surgery.

PCOS in Ayurveda have been linked with Aarthava Kshaya, where male hormone androgen is produced in huge amounts leading to obesity, acne, inflammation, hair loss and irregular menstrual cycle. Aside from this, due to hormonal imbalance women with PCOS may have heavy bleeding, mood swings, hot flashes and breast tenderness.

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Herbs to Manage PCOS

Ayurveda Treatment For PCOS

Ayurveda, the holistic system of healing emphasis that good well-being and health are attained through a balance between mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda recommends Virechana (detoxification), Nsaya (cleansing nasal passage), Shirodhara (calming the body and mind) and Uttarbasti (treats gentio-urinary disorder) for PCOS management along with a well-balanced diet and lifestyle modifications. Shathayu Ayurveda follows a very systemic approach in managing this disorder and a tailored treatment approach is developed that addresses the root cause of the disease and bring balance to the system. Ayurvedic management of PCOS follow these protocols:

  • Ayurvedic detoxification of the system
  • Strengthening and rejuvenating the female reproductive system
  • Correcting hormonal imbalance
  • Regulating insulin resistance and obesity

Yoga and meditation are also an essential part of the Ayurvedic management of PCOS. Performing yoga asanas regularly such as sarvangasana, matyasana and shavasana may help manage the condition well and improve overall health and well-being.

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Evidence has also revealed that taking the right kind of Ayurveda supplements can reinstate hormonal balance and support normal functioning of the reproductive system. Ayurvedic supplements are loaded with phytoestrogen that greatly lessen inflammation, improve insulin resistance and uplifts overall health.

Read through this article to get an overview about some of the amazing herbs that are effective in managing PCOS.


Shatavari is a potent herb of choice to treat various reproductive and other health issues related to female health. This ayurvedic supplement help to balance the hormones and maintain the ovarian plexus. It averts the formation of new cysts and also prevents the remission of the disease. Apart from this, Shatavari holds a key role in maintaining the duration of the menstrual cycle (3-7 days), normalise the cycle and blood flow. Moreover, shatavari supplements are also helps to enhance uterine and ovarian health.

Kanchnar Guggulu

Kannchnar Guggulu is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation that offers a ton of health incentives and is used in the treatment of several diseases. This powerful formulation aids in eliminating toxins and wastes out of the system. Laden with impressive healing traits kanchanar is used to treat PCOS, corrects menstrual disorders such as ovulation, amenorrhoea, and hormonal imbalance and also promotes weight loss.

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The Varuna crataeva nurvala is an incredible herb that helps in the clearance of channels, reduces cyst’s size and normalise the menstrual cycle.


Pippali is a strong rejuvenator, carminative and antioxidant that combats free radical damage and prevents oxidation of healthy cells in the reproductive system. This herb supports to manage weight, improve insulin resistance and balance hormone levels.


This is an effective herb valued for its potent medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Bilva is immensely rich in vital nutrients and bioactive compounds that help in reducing the size of the cysts and treats dysfunctional uterine bleeding caused due to PCOS.


Guduchi offers a one-shot natural remedy for boosting the health of the female reproductive system and treat PCOS. It has a rejuvenating effect, corrects hormonal imbalance, lowers inflammation, support weight loss and regulates the menstrual cycle.


Punarnava imbued with strong therapeutic properties stimulates the production of reproductive hormones in women and corrects hormonal issues. It has been known to increase blood circulation, improve insulin resistance and treats PCOS.


Ayurvedic management for PCOS typically aims on superb healing powers of herbs such as Shatavari, kanchnar, bilva, pippali and guduchi to name a few. Along with therapies such as yoga and breathing exercise forms a vital components of PCOS treatment. However, always consult with certified ayurvedic practioners before taking any supplements.