If you are a fitness enthusiast, you would have come across this term ‘Leg Day.’ It is perhaps the most talked about workout session by the gym regulars and many consider skipping ‘leg day’ a sin.

Man doing exercise

Leg Day essentially means undergoing rigorous and strenuous workouts that will engage leg muscles for further strengthening. Leg exercises are important for overall fitness and mental health as studies reveal that leg exercises play a vital role in the proper functioning of nervous system. Scientists believe that healthy functioning of the brain largely depends on the signals sent to the brain by muscles in the leg.

And legs day in the gym are not easy. It involves squats, load bearing exercises that boost up the metabolism, as all muscles including chests, abs, arms get engaged during these workouts.

If you are a gym regular, here are more reasons, why you should have a leg day.

Builds Muscle:

Working out with deadlifts releases good amounts of testosterone that helps in the growth of muscle and strengthening it.  Heavy resistance exercises use large muscle groups and help in building more muscle in the legs, thus strengthening the lower parts of the body.  

Calorie Burning:

Working on leg muscle means your body is burning more calories. An hour of rigorous training twice a week boosts metabolism, aids you in spending more calories by toning the leg muscles. If you have had a heavy calorie loaded dinner, hit gym the next day for shedding those extra calories.

Woman doing exercise

Improves Mobility:

Heavy lifting produces a lot of energy in the legs and this, in turn, strengthens legs, glutes and other lower parts of the body, thus improving mobility. These intense workouts build core strength and support the body in almost every moment.

Reduces The Risk Of Injury:

We often tend to ignore the lower part of the body, but poorly conditioned hamstrings, imbalance in muscles cause several issues like chronic lower back pain, tear or sprain of the ligaments etc., Leg exercises like squats, lunges and deadlifts develop hamstrings, help in building muscle around weak joints, improve functional strength that promotes stability and mobility and reduces the risk of injuries.

Heart Health:

Resistance exercises like weight lifting during Leg Day sessions offer various health benefits for your cardiovascular health. A 45-minute moderate to intense activities improve blood flow, aid heart in functioning better and lower the high blood pressure.