Warts are rough looking, small growths that look like tiny and solid blisters on the skin. Warts are not harmful, but their appearance may indicate a sign of weaker immune system. Few warts can be contagious and mostly affect hands and feet. There are different types of warts. 

Treating Warts

  • Dome-shaped on the fingers, toes, and knees. These often appear with a black dot representing clotted capillaries.
  • Planar warts found on the sole of the foot
  • Flat warts may appear on the face, legs, and other parts
  • Periungual warts under or around the nails
  • Filiform warts appear as a single long spike on face
  • There can be occasional traumatized warts also known as blood warts. 

Warts are painless and benign and most of them can also disappear without treatment in few weeks to months’ time. 

Treatment Options:

There are several treatment options available to remove warts without any pain like using salicylic acid, cryotherapy, cantharidin, candida antigen shots are used in treating warts. 

Surprisingly, warts are also treated by covering them with duct tapes or other nonporous tapes, however, these treatment techniques may sometime cause infections. 

Talk to your doctor to learn about the right kind of treatment in removing warts.