Running is an important form of aerobic exercise and a popular form of physical activity among the fitness freaks. Running for around 30 minutes for at least 5 days a week offers enormous health benefits. While many look at running purely as a physical activity, few take it up as a serious hobby, get trained for marathons, participate in athletic races and aim to win. 

Want To Take Up Running? Here’s What You Should Know

Difference Between Running and Jogging: 

Many tend to confuse between running and jogging but there is not much difference between these both aerobic exercises, except for the intensity. Running is an intense activity, helps in burning calories and takes in a lot of effort from lungs, heart and muscles, while jogging is slow running and requires little effort. 

Why You Should Run: 

Health benefits of running regularly is unbelievable It helps in building stronger bones, strengthens muscles, helps in developing cardiovascular fitness, burns those extra calories and maintains good health. 

Get Fit: Running is an amazing activity to get fit over few months. If you’re a beginner, start with brisk walking, advance to jogging and over a period of few weeks speed up to running. 

Weight Loss: Running contributes for weight loss in an amazing manner. However, one has to inculcate healthy eating habits like consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain cereals, low-fat foods and completely avoid processed foods. 

Strengthens Relationships: Running along with your companion strengthens the relationship. Run along with your friend, spouse or even a neighbour for fun times along with the activity. 

Competitive: Running clubs are mushrooming in every city and join the right one for you. These clubs come up with weekend activities from beginners to experienced runners. 

Prevents Diabetes: Diabetes is often caused due to sedentary lifestyle and running regularly helps in keeping lifestyle diseases like diabetes away. It also helps in developing strong immune system and aids in fighting bacteria and viruses. 

Tips For The Beginners: 

While it is never late to take up running, here are few tips for the beginners. 

1. If you are above 40 years of age, obese and suffering from any chronic ailment talk to your doctor before taking up the activity. 

2. Brisk walking is the best way to start with. Walking fast for 30 minutes daily will help your body get used to the activity. Increase the speed to jogging by 6 weeks. 

3. Adhere to the warm up sessions as they prepare body for intense running. 

4. Guzzle down a lot of water to keep the energy levels going and to avoid dehydration

5. Invest in good pair of shoes. Do not run for all seven days in a week. Give a break of at least 2 days in a week’s time from running.