Hair serum is a silicone-based product containing amino acids that coats the surface of the hair. It is generally used for fixing rough and frizzy hair and also helps in nourishing and strengthening the mane. Also Read: 7 Incredible Hair Growth Tips For Healthy, Long And Lustrous Tresses

Woman Using Hair Serum For Hair

The richness of amino acids in hair serum guards the hair against damage caused due to colouring or any other hair treatment. Hair serum also protects the hair from the sun and exposure to other environmental pollutants.

How To Use A Hair Serum

Hair serum should be typically applied on wet hair, focusing on the lengths and ends of the mane. Use about 10 ml of hair serum and apply it evenly throughout your hair and style your mane the way you wish. On the other hand, if your hair is dry apply directly over the dry hair that eases to smoothen flyaway and add lustre. Take less than 5 ml of hair serum and apply mainly on the frizzy strands of the dry hair.

Benefits Of Using Hair Serum

Fixes Frizzy Hair

Frizzy and flyaway hair is always hard to be perfectly styled, using hair serum work well to nourish and tame the frizzy mane. Putting it properly all over your hair gives you a sleek styled look.

Adds Shine

Shiny and lustrous hair is the goal for all, hair serum helps in boosting the shine of your tresses. Apply hair serum before you shampoo for perfect nourishment and for getting silky smooth lustrous mane.

Revamps Dry Hair

Dry hair can be bothersome to handle with, it makes your locks look dull and lifeless. Perfect hair serum can provide the needed humidity guard from the pollutants and offer a shiny, luminous mane and smoother feel without leaving hair look oily.

Softens Your Strands

Dry hair often feels brittle to touch and strand break easily. Applying little hair serum can do the magic, making your tresses super smooth and softer. It also prevents sudden hair breakage.

Treat Damaged Hair

When your hair is coloured or over-styled with straighteners or too much regular wear and tear without the proper hair routine, it can become damaged. Using a hair serum is an ideal way to fix your mane and bring back the moisture.

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