Trouble in breathing caused from infection in lungs results into chest congestion. The infection can be triggered because of viruses, bacteria or allergic reaction. It leads to increased level of fluid and mucus invwhich affects the normal breathing and sleep patterns. 

A girl using humidifier

There are various medical treatments available to avoid chest congestions caused by severe diseases such as “bronchitis, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, tuberculosis, common cold and others.” If it is not caused by any serious condition that requires medical attention, natural remedies can be used to avoid chest congestion. Some of them are:

  • Gargles: Gargles with lukewarm salt water helps in sweeping off the mucus from the surrounding tissue and reduces congestion.  
  • Hot shower: Steam produced during hot showers provides immediate aid for congestion. It helps in dissolving mucus in lungs and throat.
  • Sleep: Elevate the angle of head during sleep by using big pillows under the neck. It provides a relief by allowing a proper mucus drainage.
  • Humidifiers: They unblock the nasal passage by providing moisture and humidity, which clears a way for proper airflow, easing  congestion around the chest. 
  • Hydration: Water intake causes thinning of mucus layers around the throat and lungs. Drinking less water thickens the mucus layer and makes it hard to remove.
  • Yoga: Some yoga positions may also help in unblocking the airways and sweeping off the mucus.
  • Food: Fried food and dairy products can increase mucus accumulation. Thus, avoiding them can be helpful.
  • Medical help: See a doctor if neither of these remedies are useful.