In the course of your busy lifestyle and work, you often compromise on your health and well-being. To boost your metabolism and get energy for the whole day, it is imperative to have a healthy, nutritious breakfast. This can be easily achieved by choosing our traditional breakfast foods like idly, dalia,poha, pesarattu etc., which are all power-packed combination of protein and energy.

Dosai with sambar and chutney for breakfast

 Benefits Of A Protein Rich Breakfast

1.  Idly

Steaming, hot idlis have long back achieved the status of being healthiest breakfast at an international level. This protein-packed food is made using rice and lentils, soaked and grounded, allowed to ferment and steamed for the perfect combo of cereal: pulse ratio. It is heaped with a good amount of carbohydrates, protein, fibre and essential amino acids that are needed to carry out your daily task. An easily digestible food and considered as complete wholesome food by researchers.

2. Dalia

Dalia or broken wheat porridge is a breakfast food super-rich in fibre, protein, and iron. Made with broken wheat and blended with vegetables of your choice to make this a wholesome breakfast. The rich nutrient profile of dalia is an ideal choice of food for weight loss,  healthy protein sources to build your muscle mass and a superfood for diabetics. It has low glycemic index and reduces the release of glucose into the blood thus preventing hyperglycemia. 

3. Pesarattu

Pesarattu is made from whole green gram dal /moong dal is one of the best protein rich breakfast packed vital vitamins, minerals and high in fibre. A wholesome breakfast that satisfies your hunger pangs and keeps you going energized for the whole day. The right blend of spices and ginger, onion, cumin in the pesarattu batter enhances the taste, flavour, aroma and aids in digestion.

4. Poha

Poha, make from pressed rice, is a storehouse of incredible nutrients such as proteins, iron, calcium, vitamin B1 and packed with energy. It is the best and preferred choice of breakfast for instant energy and good for diabetics, promotes gut health, easily digestible and readily available source of good carbohydrate. It is an easy to cook wholesome breakfast even for the amateurs.


Uthappam is an easy to cook and healthy breakfast. Uthappam is generally made with the dosa batter and topped with a liberal amount of vegetable of your choice, make this pancake a nutritious swap for your pizza. The rice and lentil combo make uthappam a super-rich protein breakfast and provide you the needed energy, vitamins, minerals and fibre to keep you active the whole day.

So, it’s time to include these simple, healthy, and whole some breakfast in your daily regimen to stay energetic and full of life.